Whats Behind the Door

Its a story on a girl who has taken an adventure to a magical world behind a door in her cupboard and she needs to try and get home again.


7. The Mirror

One guard suggested”Let’s get the candy canes and try to push her off.”

Another guard said “Yes, let’s get her” All the guards ran to get a candy cane but despite the sound of scrabbling feet Sue still didn’t stop.  Sue was nearly at the balcony when a guard hit her on the leg.  Sue tipped over still hanging on to the vine, despite this she still kept going.  The guards were amazed at this sight, they were sure Sue would of fell off.  While the guards stood in shock it gave Sue enough time to climb on to the balcony and start walking towards the mirror.  Sue took one last look at the candyfloss cloud and said to the mirror her only wish, to go home.

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