Whats Behind the Door

Its a story on a girl who has taken an adventure to a magical world behind a door in her cupboard and she needs to try and get home again.


4. The Forest

Sue walked cautiously towards the forest.  As Sue walked she could see that the path gradually got darker and darker nearly blending in with the grass.  Cobwebs hung from branch to branch glistening in streaks of sunlight coming from gaps in the trees.  Most trees had a bird nest in it but strangely the birds had three heads, four legs and six wings.  The forest was a very cold place to be on such a sunny day.  Sue couldn’t wait to get out of this cold nightmare.

Ten minutes had already passed and Sue could just about see a tiny glimpse of sunlight showing her the exit.  The sunlight gradually grew bigger and brighter making Sue cover her eyes since she was used to the dark.  Sue uncovered her eyes and saw the most amazing thing.  The Candy Cane castle was perfect in the most amazing way.  The tower tops were sparkly red, the balconies were shiny green, the walls were rough blue and the doors were glossy yellow.

A huge gate stood wide and tall in front of the castle and behind the gate stood two gingerbread soldiers.  Each soldier had a big black hat, a red coat, black trousers and black shiny shoes.

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