Whats Behind the Door

Its a story on a girl who has taken an adventure to a magical world behind a door in her cupboard and she needs to try and get home again.


6. The Climb

Sue looked around the outside of the castle to find some materials for climbing the wall.  Hanging from a nearby tree Sue could see a very long piece of vine.  Sue crept along to the vine hoping the guards couldn’t she her.  The vine was hanging very low to the ground that helped Sue grab it easier.  Sue only had to tug on the vine once since it all collapsed on her straight away.  Sue wrapped the vine around her and slowly walked, so she doesn’t fall over, to the edge of the castle.

Sue tossed most of the vine on to the top of the wall and kept one end for herself.  Sue wrapped the end of the vine on her waist and tied a secure knot.  The wall Sue was about to climb was very tall but this was her only choice.  When Sue started climbing she could feel her legs trembling in fear but as Sue got higher the nerves soon went away.

Finally Sue got to the top of the wall, she could feel the sugary sweet wind blowing in her face.  Luckily the vine didn’t fall of the wall.  Sue picked the vine up and threw it onto the balcony.  The only thing Sue had to do now was tie the lose end on the wall onto something.  On the wall sue could see a big crack perfect for stuffing some vine in to keep it stable.  Sue knelt down on the wall and started to place her hands on the vine.  As Sue was crawling along the vine some guards had spotted her and shouted some weird words Sue didn’t understand.

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