Turn My Swag On (A Niall Horan FanFiction)

This is a story about two girls, named Megan and Anastasia. For this story Megan and Niall is the main characters. Hope you like it, if you do give me a hint!xx


2. Chapter 2



Hey there lovelies, I know I’m the best girl ever right! Another update just in a day, hope you enjoy!

Anastasias P.O.V

It was silence; it had been like this for about 20 seconds now. I lifted my sight and got a little bit disappointed about who was calling me at this point. It was only my mum, you could see it in Megan's eyes also that she was not as excised anymore.

I didn't really want to talk to her right now, but I slowly lifted my hand up to my ear and started talking.

Megan's P.O.V


I could hear that she was irritated. She was never mad at her parents only irritated. She smacked the phone on the table and took a deep breath. I looked at her and she looked up at me while saying; "she was just going to say that I needed to take the disses when I come home." You could totally hear it in her voice she was so disappointed. Poor girl, she really deserves that call from Harry. I wish I could do anything to let that happen.

I couldn't keep myself away from it any longer I needed to call him. And that was what I was going to do now. I took a look at her then I snapped the phone out of her hands, then found her contacts. She was sad so she didn't really surprise me with not taking the phone away from me. I scrolled down to I found 'Harry FREAKING Styles the love of my life' I giggled a little at the name she had saved him as. Then I copied the number over to my phone and called, yeah I freaking gonna call Harry, Harry Styles from One direction.


"Hello, this is Harry whom are I talking to?" I started to fangirl inside me I promise my body is going wild.  


"Oh, yeah sorry hi, errmm I'm Megan." 

"Hi Megan, what do you want love?" Oh, he is really sweet.

"Sorry this is very wired, but umm-"

" just spill it dear"

"yeah, yeah right.." Omg this was so embarrassing…

" you got my best friends number yesterday."

"Yeah, that's right she is freaking hot." Omg Anastasia would love to hear this herself.

" oh that's so kind of you Harry, but anyways I was just wondering if you s was abele to meet us here in Norway or are you already at you next stop?" Take a breath Megan take a breath oh dear god.

"Emm, yes or no we are at the airport the next stop is Sweden." Oh so that doesn't work thou crap, poor Anastasia it had mean the world to her, I promise you.

"But if you want I can set you up at our flight and you can come with us?" Are you fucking kidding me?! Harry just asked us to come with them to Sweden, not that that was on the other side of the world, but anyways. My toughs was interrupted by him again

" you still there love?"

"Errmm yes, yes I am."

"Good" he said with a little laughter in his voice. I couldn't help but laugh myself.

" so do you want to come?" It was he asking again. Anastasia have now for the fifth time kicked me in the foot under the table.

" just a little moment Harry, I'm just going to talk with Anastasia." I could see Anastasia beginning to blush by now, once again cute isn't she? I hold over the mic on the phone and asked her, I promise you that look was priceless! She took the phone from me and said to Harry that we just needed to take a phone home and pack some stuff. He totally agreed with that and we both called home to our parents.


When I had paced all I was suppose to have with me a took a look in the mirror and freshed myself up a little. By the time I was finished there was a knock on the door I grabbed my bags and said my goodbyes to my family.

I walked outside and there was an excised Anastasia standing with a big smile on her mouth. I smiled back and jumped inside the car.

About a short 3 hours we was on the airport in Oslo. We didn't know we're to go or were to sit. I picked up my phone and saw if I had gotten some new messages, and I had 2 from 'moommyy' and 1 from 'Harold (aka Harry Styles)' I opened the one from Harry firs;

Harold (aka Harry Styles):  

' hi I forgot to say we're you should go, poor girls don't know we're to go.. Haha anyways, meet me at section 206 in 12.30 see you there lovelies! xx  


I looked at the clock, it was all ready 12.15 I tilt Anastasia about the message and answered Harry;


' we will be there in ten, thanks again by the way ;) x 

-Megan '

I smiled at my phone then at Anastasia. " we really need to go now if we are going to make it!" I said already running. Anastasia dragged me in the arm an said " Megan chill, we don't need to rush its just about 10 minutes walking dear.." I could tell she was in better shape today.

We walked pass a lot of paparazzi and when we finally come we're he would pick us up.

Harry's P.O.V

I got this feeling when I first saw Anastasia. She wasn't just beautiful but she was different. And now I have the opportunity to get to know her better. That girl a talked to on the phone seemed interesting as well, but I don't think she is the type girl for me..  

I got interrupted from my toughs when I could feel someone poke me on the shoulder. I slowly turned around and there they were, both beautiful. But I still had an eye for Anastasia she was my 'type' of girl if you understand?

"Hi" she shyly said  

I answered her by giving her a hug, she don't hug back at first but after some seconds she hugged me back.

I pushed out of the hug and saluted on Megan.  

After a little talking I showed them were we should go to get to our flight.


I really hoped you liked this chapter, I don't know.. Not so good maybe.. What do you think?xx 

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