Turn My Swag On (A Niall Horan FanFiction)

This is a story about two girls, named Megan and Anastasia. For this story Megan and Niall is the main characters. Hope you like it, if you do give me a hint!xx


1. Chapter 1




The link over is pictures of their outfit on the concert. (: 
Hope you like the chapter, let me know what you think and why! xx.

Megan's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on my nightstand.

I lifted my head slowly up to see the caller ID. It didn't come as a shock that there was Anastasia whom was calling, yesterday you see One direction had a concert in Norway. And we as the crazy fangirls we are got tickets, not to good for me liking but tickets are tickets right? And we of course went to the best concert EVER! I have been in a concert in London also and that was also amazing, but in Norway it feels a little bit more personal.

Anyways I picked up the phone with my nose so that my hands didn't get cold on my terrible cold room.

"Hello,but by the way WTF Anastasia"

" oh okey, so you don't wanna know, ah?" She said in a little ironic voice, ofc I wanna know what happened you bitch, no just kidding but anyways...

"Ofc I wanna know, you stupid!"

" But I don't wanna talk about it over phone, meet me at the store in 10! Love you too hanney!"


I walked all the way up to the store, not that it was so far away but for they who know me, I hate to walk when I don't want to.

I walked over the road and boom, there I was strait in front of my local store. I couldn't see Anastasia, so I took the phone up to my ear and called her.

She didn't pick it up so I just laid my phone back in my pocket.

After some minutes I could see her wave to me, haha that son of a bitch walked even slower than me, if that's even passible...

I walked some meters to we're she was by now. I give her a hug and blamed her for coming to late. (Haha Megan is mad you know, trying a least.)

I couldn't hold it in any longer I needed to ask her, " so what was this all about?" She couldn't hide her smile when I asked her aww isn't that cute?

" oh yeh. Haha --"

" just say it allready!"

I couldn't stop my self from getting to excised..

" okey, Megan hold on"

" for god sake just say it..."

I started to get very frustrated at this point.

After she told me all about it I still can't believe it, it's just no. It just can't, I still don't get it. It just too good to be true ohh that's right, you still don't get it do you?

Well I will tell you.

*flash back*

It was the last song now I think, what makes you beautiful it was. I sat side by side with Anastasia. And she was not in the great shape; I think she was starting to get ill. Poor girl, she was so happy anyways tough. "I'm just going on the toilet" she whispered screamed over the high music. I nodded and she walked away.

She didn't come back so I went to look after her. While I walked across the many thousands of doors I heard a lot of screaming, but I couldn't let myself go after in case Anastasia had walked away some were she don't know.

The first place I went to look after her was at the toilet, but after what I saw I couldn't see her. I tried to call her at least ten times, no answers. Until I finally could feel my phone buzz in my pocket I took it up and looked at the caller ID. And to my luck it was Anastasia who called. I picked it up and said " omg Anastasia where the fuck have you been?" I was stressed you could tell in my voice. "Sorry I walked the wrong way and I'm going to pie in my pants sooner or later, we're are you?" She seemed as stressed as me even more. "I'm strait with all the screaming." "I could tell" she laughed at me. "Shut up" I laughed a little as well. "But anyways meet me with he exit. The main exit!"

*end of flash back*

So you see while I was running trying to find her, while she 'was' on the loo, she instead had found the wrong way and went backstage to we're the boys was. HELLO without even telling me!? But that's not the only thing she even met the love of her fandom life- Harry FUCKING Styles!

But that's not the only thing left to tell, she have his freaking number and he have hers!? Just shoot me, now. That lucky bastard.

But she hasn’t got any massagers or anything but I don't blame her that wasn't she whom asked for his number. (I know right it's sick!)

Right in that moment her phone buzzed on the café table. We both went in a sick heavy silence.


I know I know it's really wired, but hi don't blame me. Not my fault I was wired...

But hope you liked it anyways the next chapter coming soon, not to long I hope.. (Ps: I love comments and votes, and a fan would be awesome)

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