May Angels Lead You In...

Callia Rain has a pretty tough life. After her mother dies from a tragic car accident Her father Begans to beat her. Her father blames her mothers death on Callia and her little brother Mason. She then Begans to isolate her self from her friends so that no one will notice her pain. But can she hide forever? The people who she once called Her friends are now her bullies... And Tristian ? Well he's just Tristian... Guess you gotta read to find out!


5. Chapter 5

After visiting Mason we went back to the high school and got ready for our next periods. I had Math and Tristian had P.E. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways towards our own individual classes. I walk into Mr.Flores classroom just as the bell rang.

"Anne over here!", Megan called out with a huge smile on her face. While she is patting the chair on her right side for me to sit. On her left was Ryan also smiling but not at me Megan. I think he has himself a crush. Well this should be good since Megan has liked him for Who knows how long. I sat my books down on to the desk and then sat down in the seat beside her. 


"Hey guys.", I said looking towards them. The teacher hasn't came in yet I decided this was a good time to reconnect and converse. 


"Hi.", They both respond. They looked to each other and then blush. Aw, how cute! They are having a moment. Megan and Ryan were alway closer to each 

Other because they been together since pampers. They are next door neighbors ... Cliche right? Don't get me wrong all of us been together  

for like... ever, but Ryan live on the next block from us. 'Us' being may Tristian and I. Ricky and Micky live in the houses a few blocks from Meg's and Ryan's. They also have there own type of bond. As do may and I, Tristian also I suppose... Anyway I guess it was fate when we all met. We all were around the ages of four and five. You'd think with all of us living so close together we would have met before then, but I guess were just happy that we did meet. See what had happen was Tristian, May,and I really wanted to go to the park, so their dad took us. My parents was busy doing something with work from what I remember so they couldn't come along. When we got there we noticed there was a very pretty creamed skin girl being push on the swings by a little blond boy with ocean blue eyes. The little girl being pushed on the swings was having so much fun she let go of the swing and flew to the ground. It was a good thing she wasn't high up in the air, or she really would have gotten hurt. Mr.Beau ran over towards the little girl without us far behind. When we neared the little girl and worried boy, tears were streaming down her face. Probably more from embarrassment then anything, because it wasn't a very far drop. A couple seconds later came a lady who looked like a older version of the girl who fell. must be her mom I thought to myself.

"Megan are you ok sweetie?" Asked the woman. Mr.beau was kneeling in front of the girl, known as Megan,trying to calm her down. Megan turn to the woman tears still coming down here face and nodded.

"I'm so sorry Meg's! I didn't mean to hurt you." Said the blue eyed boy beside her.

"It's ok Ryan it wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have let go of the swing" Megan said.

"You're, not hurt?" Asked Ryan.

"No, not really. My butt is kind sore though." The way said that Tristian, May and I couldn't help but laugh. I guess Ryan and Megan also thought it was funny, because they began to laugh with us. Mr. Beau turn to lady then they turned to us and smiled. We were all in fits of laughter when two young boys came up to us all, looking at us as if we were weird. 

They then shrugged as if the understood the situation.

"Hey Ill beat you to the swing michael!" one of the young boys said the other.

"Whatever I'll get to the swing before you Richard!" Yell the boy now known as Michael. Then ran to the swing.

"Hey you weirdos that's my swing!" Yelled Megan.  

And the was the beginning of our beautiful friendship.

" So what's you guys been up to?" I asked pulling a binder out of my zebra striped, JanSport, backpack. I own a zebra striped backpack, phone. Curtains, pens, covers, even a piggy bank .you might say I have an obsession, and you would be right.

"Well since you left we haven't been doing much. We hang out and stuff, but it was nothing like it was without you." Megs said now focusing on me.

"Ah I see. I'm sorry you guys." I was feeling guilty so Began looking randomly around the room.

" No I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brong it up in the first place." Megan replied.

"Hm, so what have you been up to Callia?" Ryan ask. I suppose he's trying to break the awkward silence, which I mentally thanked him for.

" I've been taking care of my little brother. It's been tough trying to 

Keep with little, a lot of hard work you know Trying to raise him by myself. It's worth it though; I just love him do much." I answered still thinking of all the times I had to miss school when ever mason got hurt or sick. I never wanted to leave him at home when my father was there it was too dangerous. And definitely not worth the risk of Mason getting anymore hurt. Yea it's hard sometimes, but I 

Just can't give up. I have to keep on pushing.

" Isn't That your dad's job to raise your brother? I mean it is his son after all." Megan said curiously . 

I didn't really really know what to say to her. I mean I wasn't going to say,' Oh my dad is too 

Much of a drunk to take Care of his soon.', or,' it's too dangerous for mason to be taken of by dad because he beats us.', no I don't really think that's a good idea. I need to think of something though quick or she will start to turn in to detective Megan and try to figure out what's going on with mason and Me. And trust me she will try to go detective mode if she feels there is a reason to. The girl is like another Nancy Drew. Quick think of something Callia! Think of some logical; something smart. 

" My Dad is dead!" I shouted. Well shit.  


"My mom said she saw your dad coming out of a bar yesterday." Ryan responded.

"Yeah well my dad isn't actually dead. He's like the fake dead; dead as in the fake dead..." Smooth response Callia.

"Fake dead?" Megan wondered.they were both looking Me as if I was dumb . You know the look the suspect get when he says he didn't do it, even though he is covered in blood with the murder weapon in his hand. Yeah that kind of look. Ok now what do I say? Think Callia, think..

" Yes, fake dead . That's how I describe him after he came home from a long day of work. He's just too exhausted to take care of Mason so I help out." that sounded quite true and reasonable. And I only lied a little. He does come home late...not always from work, but drinking to him is like a job. I mean he does drink alot.

" I guess it is hard trying to raise to kids and work the same time by yourself.he must have it rough. You know after what happen with your mom and all. He's a really good father Lia." I know I can't really get mad at Megan. She doesn't know that my dad is a fucking psychopath. So I can't blame her. But just hearing her say that my dad was good broke something in me. And that's hard to do since I'm I've already been broken beyond repair. My dad will NEVER, I repeat NEVER will be consider good in my eyes. Not after everything he had done to mason and I. He was suppose to be there for us when mom died, not blame us. Thats what hurts me the most, not the beatings I get almost everyday. The beatings may put me in excruciating pain, but knowing he wasn't-isn't there for us, The fact that he doesn't care nor love us anymore. That's what hurts more. As I was thinking about all this tears started to pour down my face. Wiping them away apparently wasn't working either because Ryan and Megan were trying to calm me down.

" I'm sorry Callia. I didn't mean to bring your mother death up. Ugh I'm just being such a bitch today." I saw the regret in Megan eyes. And the sympathy in Ryan's. little did they know that I wasn't crying for my mom, but my dad I miss him so much. He just to far gone now. Don't get me wrong i missed my mom desperately, but Mase and I didn't just lose my mom the day of her death we also lost our father.

"I have to go." Was all I could say. And with that I got up with my binder and grabbed my backpack so that I could leave. I was at the doorway of the class room and pain was gnawing at my chest, I needed to hurrying up and get out of here before I completely broke down but before I left the room I turn to Megan.

"Your not a bitch." And with those four words I left. Off to the gym. I don't know why I felt the need to be with Tristian, something about him made me feel good. like the feeling you get when your just about to jump in the pool after a long ten months of school. I can't really describe the feeling, it's just there you know. Like when ever he's around. Those looks I use to pretend to ignore whenever Tristian would pass me in the hallways, they gave me something. They gave me something to look forward to everyday. When I had nothing else I still had him even we weren't talking. The looks were good enough. I might sound crazy right now but he was apart of me even when everything went down hill.

I was now at the big brown wooden doors that had a gym sign on the top. I take in a deep breath as push them open. Everyone including the coaches eyes landed on me.

"Can I help you?" Coach ray asked asked. She was pretty tall but it looked good on her. She was also in very good shape I guess if your coach you would have to be.

" Yes I was wondering if I could speak to someone." I scan the students in the class looking for Tristian , but to my luck he wasn't there.

"Oh he's in the boys locker room room right now. And if he happens to not come back In I would understand. You look like whatever you have to 

Say to him is important. So Ill turn a blind eye." I weakly smiled at her and nodded my head. I then headed toward the boys locker room. I just walked in. No one but him was in there so I figured it'd be fine.

"Tristian." I called out.

"Callia-Anne what are you doing In the boys-, oh my god what's wrong? What happen? Why were you crying?" It was hard trying to keep up with his questions. Every time I was about to answer he just kept asking another one.

" Can I please get word out. I can't answer when you keep asking me questions." At least I was finally able to speak.

"So what happened?" He edged wait for a response.

"Can you just hold me I really don't feel like talking right now." It was never my intention to talk I just needed him to hold me. Ill tell him later about what happened. So that what he did. He didn't even question it. So here we are in the boys locker room with his arms wrapped around me and my head in his chest. And that feeling you get when your about to jump in the pool all comes back to me. We were there for awhile before he spoke.  

" Callia let's go." I rested my chin on his chest to look up at him.

"Where exactly?" I spoke softly because I was actually falling asleep in his arms. He was so comfortable and he smelt really good, like a mix of aftershave and cologne.

"I don't know, but we got leave before the guys start coming back here from gym. We are in the boys locker room you know. And I'm sure you won't want to explain why your here to the coach." He explains to me.

" Technically the coaches already know I'm here. Coach ray said not to worry about you having to come back to the gym."

" I wasn't going to worry anyway. Not if your okay and you need me. I'd risked everything just to know that you are ok." Why does he have to be do sweet right now. It makes me feel bad that he cares for me. Im not worth being cared for.

"It not necessary for you to risk everything for me ." I whispered while moving my head back in the previous position.

" Why not?" His eyebrows were now creased as he was pondering what I had said.

"I'm not worth it." I answered simply. I was going to leave at that, but of course Tristian had to ruin it.

" Stop thinking so low of yourself. You are much more then what I can give you Callia." Oh boy this kid really knows how to ruin a moment.

" Tristian, do you still like me?" I asked

" honestly Callia.", He said while looking into my eyes,"yes." I really couldn't deal with this. Especially with me being so broken. I still have other things to worry about like Mason. I don't have time for relationships and all that crap. Besides they all end up shitty anyway, I mean look at my dad. I do think That I may have feelings for Tristian, but it's just to much for me. He could do way better than me also. I don't want him trying to fix me because one I can fix myself and two he can just go find a normal girl with less drama in her life. He's already going to give Mason and I a place to stay. I don't need him to do everything.

" Do me a favor, ok Tristian." He looked at me waiting for me to continue to speak. "Don't." I then turned around, running out of the locker room. I was just outside the locker room door when a hand grabbed me from behind. "Please Tristian don't do this to me right now. I'm only doing what best fort you. I don't need you to fix me."

"Ok firstly, Your not the one who gets to decide what's best for me. Secondly, I understand that you are a very strong person Callia, but your going to need help and I want to help to make you the old you."




Ok so lots happen in this chapter. Do guys like Tristian? What do you thin about Callia?  

Tristian is on the side! Sexy Peice Of Man Meat isnt he? ;)

P.s if you like this book and think others might like it too could you please tell them about it!!! I need more reads so that I can post more. Oh and please follow also you guys. And always tell what you think about the book. Also tell me if your confused about something I say, not going to lie I can. Get a bit random sometimes.;) think you my beautiful people. Have a beautiful day!

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