May Angels Lead You In...

Callia Rain has a pretty tough life. After her mother dies from a tragic car accident Her father Begans to beat her. Her father blames her mothers death on Callia and her little brother Mason. She then Begans to isolate her self from her friends so that no one will notice her pain. But can she hide forever? The people who she once called Her friends are now her bullies... And Tristian ? Well he's just Tristian... Guess you gotta read to find out!


4. chapter 4

Next period came and I didn't have a class so said goodbye to everyone at the lunch table and decided to walk to my brother school to eat lunch with him. I was almost out the door when I heard my name.

" Callia bryanne !" I turn around to see Tristian ugh what does he want? 

"That's my name don't wear it out." he look at me for a moment. I was getting impatient, but never the less waited for him to talk.

"Beautiful, strong one." he said. What? That's not what expected him to say. What is he talking about?  

"What?", I said. It just amazes me how random that was.

"That's what your name means. Callia is Greek and it means either beautiful of beautiful voice. Bryanne means noble and strong." okay? Thats just...

" Um, how do you know that? Did you like google my name?", I asked.

" I looked it up. Anyway where are you going?" he asked looking courious.

"Why?" I asked.

"Why what? Why I looked up your name? Or why I Want to know where your going?" ,


"Just courious."

" Curiosity killed the cat."

"Cats have nine lives." he retorted.

" Man I need to start using that. That's a good one." I would have never thought of that.

"Yeah... Well where are going?" he asked once again.

" I going to go walk to my brother's school and eat lunch with him. I have a free period. I need to get going. Bye-" I was cut off by him.

" Can I come I can drive you there so you can get there faster. I'm bored. I have a free period right now also. Besides I miss Mase . I haven't seen him since last year." he said.

" Yeah I guess you can come. You saw him last year? How ?" I asked.

" Gracen goes to the same school I had to pick him up a couple of times." he said. Oh yeah I probally sounded retarded. How could I forget Gracen is May's and Tristian's little brother. He is six he was born a couple months before mase.

" Well are you ready to go?" I asked. It was getting kinda awkward.

" My car is over there." he said pointing to the black mustang convertible. Oh how I wish this was my car. I have a freaking obsession with mustangs. That lucky pickle! Tristian chuckled at my awestruck face." You going to get in or drool over my car?" jerk!

" I'm not drooling thank you very much!" I retorted.

"Whatever..." he said as he and I got in. The drive going there in the beginning was silent not awkward but relaxed. Then he spoke. "So what else is going on?" I looked at him trying to figure out what he was talking about. Then it hit me.

" You was listening to Michael's and I conversation?" he nodded.

" So..." he wanted me to continue.

" So... It's none of your business what's going on!" I said starting to get angry.

" I would like it to be. And it can if you just tell me what your keeping away from us. We can help. And if you don't want them to know I can keep it a secret. I can tell there is something wrong. The others thought it was just your mom, but I knew from the start that if it was just her you wouldnt have left. There's something more your not telling us! What is it?" he said getting frustrated.

" I can't!" I yelled tears coming down my face.

" You can't? What does that mean. You don't trust me enough to tell me. I may seem like a jerk to you but I'm not. I really care about you. More than you will ever know. I've always had this biggest crush on you since we were younger. And yes I did cut your hair on purpose. Sorry about that was a dare. The older kids thought I had a crush on you...which I did but I didn't want them to know. So to prove I didn't I cut your hair. I know you do not believe me when I say care. But at least try to trust me. ", he said as we pulled into the parking lot of the school.

" I trust you Tristian... And I will tell you when I'm ready okay? Just not ready yet." I got out of the car Tristian not to far behind.He grabbed my hand and turn me to face him. He used his other hand to wipe away the tears I had on my face. Then leant in, looked at my lips. His gaze came to my eyes again before he said- " Annie I will wait for you to tell me on one condition." at that I tilted my head to the side. " I will be the first you tell." I nodded and looked at is lips. I don't know but up close his lips looks even sexier. Then I looked up admiring his face. His dark brown hair cut short. His hazel eyes his perfect nose. Then he smiled.

"Are you checking out my face?", And the jerk returns...

"You wish..."

" I do wish ... You know what else I wish?" he said in a whisper. Leaning in closer so much that lips were almost touching.

"That you had a genie so that your wishes could come true?" I said backing away. It felt weird when we were close. My heart felt like it was going to break through my rib cage. " We should go inside want to see my little brother. And I would like to see how gray turn out." I said breaking the tension.

"Right let's go." he said.  

It was then I realized our hands was still together. But I didn't let go it felt good. My hand fitted perfectly in his. We walked hand in hand to the office to get a visitors pass. The lady at the front desk looked at us then smiled.

" Hi, are you here to pick up your kid?" she asked. I looked at her to see if she was serious, she most be new.

"No I'm here to get a visitors pass for me and him." I said pointing to Tristian.

" Oh, okay you guys just sigh here and I'll give the passes when your done." she smiled when I handed the board back to her and gave us the passes."You guys make a cute couple by the way." she gushed.

"uh, we aren't -" I was cut by Tristian's.

"Thank you. I know." I could just choke him. Before I could say we aren't together he was already pulling me out the door to the cafeteria.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Annoy me ? You just told that woman we are a couple!"

"I did not... I recall saying " Thank you. I know." not  

we are a couple."

"You didn't have to say we are a couple! It was implied you dummy! Now she thinks we are together!" I practically yelled. Good thing no one is is the hallway.

" Lia, Lia, Lia... Since when did you care what other people think?" he said shaking his finger in my face.

"Get that thing out of my face or I'll bite it!" ugh he so annoying.

"That's what she said- Ow! You bit me!"

" I said I would you didn't listen." I said with a smirk. We were now in the cafe and I could see Mase sitting eating his food. He looked up from his sandwich and saw me.

" Lee! Yay! What are you doing here?" he asked

" I wanted see how your first day was going." I said as I leaned in to give him a hug. My shirt rose up as I bent down. And I knew it was to late to pull it down when I heard Tristian call my name in a whisper. He saw them he saw all the scars from my dad. Looked at him but looked away before he could speak. I looked back down at mase. " So how your first day so far?" I said trying to hide my shaking voice. I could still see Tristian out the corner of my eye staring at me. I just continued to ignore him.

" It was great sissy. I want you to meet someone!" He said pulling me by the arm. He stopped in front of a little boy with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a big smile on his face when he looked to my right.

" Tristian!" The little boy yelled.

" Hey there Gray. " Tristian said as he picked Gracen up in a hug. Gracen then Looked at me and smiled.

" You brought Lee with you too?" Gracen asked Tristian. I looked at the little boy shocked. My mouth hung open.

" You remember me?" I looked at the little boy as he nodded.

" Yes I do. Why wouldn't I?" he asked

"You were three the last time I saw you..." 


"You use to always play with me. Where did you go? Why did you stop playing with me. Did I do something wrong Lee?" his eyes watering." I promise I won't be bad again. Please play with me still." I felt like my heart dropped when he said that. Tristian put him down to the floor. I bent down to gray's level reached out and wrapped him in my arms. As the tears slipped out I couldn't help but think of what I did to all the people love. I just left them not thinking of their feelings.

" I won't leave you again. You didn't do any thing wrong. I promise I won't leave..." I whispered to him.

"Will you play with me still?" he asked. I nodded.

"Guess what!" I said.

"What?" he said getting excited.

" I can play with you after school at your house mase is coming too. Would you like that?" I asked.

" I would like that very much Lee!" I laugh at his cuteness.

" Okay, but right now you guys must eat. Come on mase." I picked mase up and set him on the chair next to gracen. That's when Tristian grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the table.

" Lia-"

"Don't Tristian!"

" Don't ? Don't what ? Don't bring up the fact that you have scars all over your damn back! Dammit Lia some of them are new! What the hell?" he whispered yell.

"Please leave it. I can't!"

" Stop it with the I can't! Right now! Tell me what else is going at home, Because I'm already getting an idea! Lift up your shirt!" He said said pulling me in to one of the bathrooms and locking it.

" What? No!" I yell.

" Either you take the shirt off or I will!" I looked at with him with begging eyes.

" Please Tristian please..." he gave me a look that said " I'm not giving in." so I pulled my shirt over my head. And I heard him gasp. He walked closer to be and started trace each scar. Then he look at the huge purple bruise on my stomach and gently touched it.

"You didn't want us around you so that we wouldnt figure out you were being abuse." it was more of a statement than a question.

" Does he hit mase?" he asked.

" I take mason's hits if I can. Sometimes I'm not there soon enough."

" Why does he hit you?"

" I'll start from the beginning... After my mom died he took very badly. At first he was like us sad. Then all his sadness turned to anger. He just couldn't believe it and started to drink. He said that my mom purposely got in that car accident and killed herself. In his mind she killed herself and did it to get away from him. So he became angry at her. And through away anything that was hers away. I got a couple of her things but not a lot. The only thing he couldn't get rid of was me and mase. Thats when the beatings started for me anyway. He didn't hit mason 'til he was four. I try to always get in way before he can. I don't want mason to grow up with scars. I try to protect him. I try... I would like to think I'm a good sister. But if I was I wouldn't even put mason in that situation to get hit anyway right?" I asked myself.

" It's not your fault lia it's ours." he said.

" Why is it your guys fault?"

" We could have been there Lia. We weren't. We were too busy thinking at what saw not was wrong. If actually tried this wouldn't have happen. We could have stopped it! We could have told someone. Instead of being ignorant..."

" It's not your guys fault. You guys were only fourteen and fifteen. You wouldn't have been able to-" he cut me off.

" We could of cared! We could have tried! And Lia don't ever say you aren't a good sister, because you are. You are the most strongest person I have ever met. To be able to take masons beating and your own. To be able to take of mason. To be able to go to school and act as if everything is okay. To be able to go through being picked own at school. To be able to get through your mothers death by yourself! Your fucking strong Callia!"

" Thanks..."


" For caring... For being you." We went closed the space between us and gave him the biggest hug ever.

" Your welcome... But you and Mase isn't living there anymore."

" We have no choice.

" Yes you do. Your going to live with May and I ." What? Is he serious.

" What?"

" You and Mase are living with us. After you come home with us after school. I'm going to talk to my parents. They are going to say yes because they miss you guys. And they don't Want you hurt. Everything will be okay. But you have to go home tonight so your dad won't suspect anything. You need to pack Masons and your things. Does your dad leave before you in the morning?" I was still a little overwhelmed, but nodded.

" That's good that way in the morning mom and dad can help you load you stuff in the truck. You'll be gone before your dad comes home. We will tell the authorities about the abuse that way he can't take you and mase back. Deal..."

" Deal!"I was so happy to finally be free of my dad and to have Mason safe. I couldn't wait to leave. "Your a very good person Trist..."

" You called me my nickname! I think your starting to like me Annie..."

" Yeah, yeah don't get use to it jerk." I said punching him in the shoulder.

" What you don't like my big hazel eyes. My sexy brown hair. My very kissable lips?" he asked feigning hurt.  

I put back on my shirt as I answered.

" Kissable lips hey?" he nodded. I nodded along sarcastically as I unlocked the door and walk out to Mase. He was sitting at the table just finishing his lunch. Gray was sitting across from him picking at his sandwich. I sat next to Mase and stole one of his last fries off his tray.  

"hey! I was going to eat that." mason pouted.

" Well I guess not anymore. Its already going to my belly."

" Not fair!"

"Life's not fair little guy." 


Okay so I'm not going to lie I stole the kissable lips thing from a movie:p can you guess which one? If you can ill give you a shout out in my next update deal. Awww and you meet Mase isn't he just a adorable :) I've always wanted to have a little brother so I use my books to make one:p oooo and Tristian knows. 

Any thoughts? Plz comment doesn't even have to make since :)!  

P.s if you like this book and think others might like it too could you please tell them about it!!! I need more reads so that I can post more. Oh and please follow also you guys. And always tell what you think about the book. Also tell me if your confused about something I say, not going to lie I can. Get a bit random sometimes.;) think you my beautiful people. Have a beautiful day!

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