May Angels Lead You In...

Callia Rain has a pretty tough life. After her mother dies from a tragic car accident Her father Begans to beat her. Her father blames her mothers death on Callia and her little brother Mason. She then Begans to isolate her self from her friends so that no one will notice her pain. But can she hide forever? The people who she once called Her friends are now her bullies... And Tristian ? Well he's just Tristian... Guess you gotta read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

" Why is she here?" Ricky asked. That kinda hurt since me and him were so close. He was like the guy version of May for me. Not as close as May, but close enough. I was about to turn away but May stopped me.

" Lia-anne-" she started before she was cut of.

"Since when does she allow you to call her nicknames. Last time I tried she just walked away.", Megan asked eyeing us.

" Back to what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted ... Lia-anne is coming back. It took a dang speech, but she is going to try being her normal self again. She promised her beautiful sister here. So now she must." May said giving that look that says" bitch you better not change your mind or I'm going to slap you!". Yep I guess I have no other choice...

" Really?" Ryan and Michael asked cautiously. As if Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out any second yelling "you just been punked!".

"Really." I said finally speaking. My past former friends was now eyeing me. And before I knew it I was tackled to the floor by all of them. Ow... My back was still sore from yesturdays beating. I sucked it up not wanting to ruin the moment.

" We missed you so much Lia!" they all said at once I got up. Ricky was the first to put me in a hug.

" Missed you So much Annie! Don't ever leave me all alone with these people again! I won't allow it." I laughed at that.

" I won't Ricky I promise.", 

Next came Megan.

" I love you so much Lia. You don't know what it was like with out you. You give the best advise. No offence you guys."

" None taken I thought you liked my advise... Hm, I guess I need to work on it." Ryan said as he walked up to me.

" I've missed you... Why did you go?" Ryan said with a hurt look on his face.

" I'm so sorry you guys. I am, it's just a lot was going on and I just... I'm sorry. I won't leave again, please forgive me." I said now looking at all of them. They all nodded exept for michael. I looked at him and saw he head still sitting with his head down.

" You guys can I talk to him alone?" they all nodded as I walked over and sat next to him.

" You left Lia... You left! You promised me you wouldn't before your mom even died... But you did! You said you would help me..." He said lifting his head, his tears coming down his face. You may be asking what he is talking about. He is talking about coming out. I was the only one who knew. I told him I would never leave him and that I would help him make it through it. Little did I know he told everyone the first week I came back to school after my mom died. That's when I started to ignore them. Oh man I feel so bad. 

" Where were you when everyone thought it was a joke? Where you they started calling me names? I got called a fag. You said you would help stand up for me. I was lucky our friends stayed with me. Even though it took some of them a while to understand I was gay. But you weren't even there at all. So this is what I'm saying right now! Don't make a promise you can't keep. Because it hurts the people you love most. Don't break your promise to us Lia! Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice shame on me. I still love you Lia and I forgive you. Just don't say you'll stay and you won't . Please... If not for me for them. Ricky and May took it the worst out of the group. May stopped eating. Did you know that? She was so depressed she didn't eat. she was hoping you would see a change in her and maybe you would talk to her. It didn't work did it? You didn't even noticed. Ricky stopped talking completely. He stopped being his outgoing self. He just started talking last year. Don't break them again Lia. If your coming back stay for good. If your not planning on staying just leave." he said finally looking at me.

" I was wrong... I should have been there for you. But I couldn't even if I wanted to. I wasn't in the right state of mind Micky! It wasn't just my mom dying it was many other things. My life started to spiral out of control in a snap of a finger. There was and still is more to it. How can I help someone if I can't even help myself? I'm still going through a lot, but I'm willing to try. And I'm not doing this for me it's for you guys. I honestly wouldn't have changed for any other reason. As much as I'd like to say sorry for what I did you guys I can't. I mean I'm sorry I how i handled thing with you, but at that time I was thinking what was best for you guys. And what was best was for you was to be out of my life. So you wouldn't have to deal with someone as broken as I broken as I am. Now I see that it wasn't the best idea, but then it was. I'm sorry for hurting Ricky and may. Shit I'm sorry for hurting all of you guys. But the past is the past, so lets think of the future okay." I said wiping away his tears. He smiled.

" Like you and Tristian's wedding and future kids?" he said .

" No like me going on trail for his murder." I laughed.

" Hey babe I think I liked Michael's Idea better. Although if you were to kill me in one of those sexy ninja or spy outfits I think I'd like that just as much.",  

Ugh darn him and his stupidness.

" I'll keep that in mind Tristian.", I said as I turned to face him. Why did he have to annoy me.

" Which one Michael's idea?" ah he thinks I would willing marry him and have kids to. Ha! I think not! Wrong No! I got that from the grinch. Any who I stood up at started walking towards him. When I got to him I put my hand on his chest and went in a little bit further to where our nose was touching. I stared into his hazel eyes as I started move my fingers down his chest to the beginning of pants. When he started to speak.

"So your talking to us now?" he said the "now" went high because I slipped my thumb in at the top of his waist band and hooked on.

" I guess so... Are you okay you voice just cracked a little?", I said acting innocent.

I think he caught on to what I doing so he slipped his hands around my waist and put his fingers in my belt loop.

"Yes i'm fine.-" he whispered in my ear. His cool breath making me shiver. "- are you cold?" he asked

" No I'm fine. So you want to marry me and have kids?" I asked looking him the eyes. Before he could answered I continued. " I would love to marry you some day..." he look taken back."If you weren't such an arrogant jerk who cut my pig tail! Ugh!", I said as I pushed him out of my way. Everyone was laughing at him.

" Your never going to let that go are you?" May asked me. When I said no she shook her head and sat down at the table next to me.

" Sorry Tristian, but you walked into that on bro." Ryan said sitting across from me.

"Yeah, well it's not my fault she hold grudges. The scissors slipped!" Tristian said sitting in between Ryan and Megan.

"Scissors don't just slip and cuts of someones pig tail!", I said

"Well apparently they do." and that how me and my friends started talking again. I don't know how I could have missed out on this.


Yay! You met some new people. Ooooh and Tristian;) and there was also a bit of a heart to heart with Micky and Callia . I love this chapter I think it funny. She better not ruin this don't you think. Plz comment:) thank ya very much:) I will love ya forever!  

P.s if you like this book and think others might like it too could you please tell them about it!!! I need more reads so that I can post more. Oh and please follow also you guys. And always tell what you think about the book. Also tell me if your confused about something I say, not going to lie I can. Get a bit random sometimes.;) think you my beautiful people. Have a beautiful day!

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