May Angels Lead You In...

Callia Rain has a pretty tough life. After her mother dies from a tragic car accident Her father Begans to beat her. Her father blames her mothers death on Callia and her little brother Mason. She then Begans to isolate her self from her friends so that no one will notice her pain. But can she hide forever? The people who she once called Her friends are now her bullies... And Tristian ? Well he's just Tristian... Guess you gotta read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

"Lia...", she started 

"don't call me Lia!", I said trying to get around her.

"Okay Callia... I wanted to say something. I wanted to I'm sorry." she looked really sincere. And could really see my bestfriend in her not 'The bitch'. But I wasnt letting her off that easily.

"For what?" , I asked

"For everything. For being so cruel to you. For starting rumours about you. All the names I called you. Basically for being a bitch. You are right I am one, but you got to understand why. I've been your best friends since before we could even walk and you blocked me out. I felt that when your mom died you couldnt trust me enough to let me in. And you didn't! You just left. I don't mean literally, but mentally. Your not the same bubbly person. What happened to her because honestly I really miss her very much. Please Lia come back. I know it seems like I just gave up on you, but I didn't. I still love you very much and I have missed you these three years. You were- you are my bestfriend and I need you back. When we where younger we made plans. Like we were go on double dates , get our prom dresses together, go to party's, go to the same college, get married and be each others maid of honers. we said that when you and I have kids i would be the god mother of yours and vice versa.We were sisters no matter what happens. You lied, Lied to me Lia! Why did you make promises that you couldn't keep? When your mom died,you were not the only one who lost...I lost her too. She was another mom to me. She practically helped raise me! And I thought that we could get through it together. But no! You left and turn into someone your not." by time she was done tears was streaming down her face. And soon I started crying to. I pulled her into a hug. As we both slid down to the floor. We sat there crying and I could tell the people in the hallways was watching us by all the whispering going around. When the second bell rang the hallways went empty besides may and I. When we finally got a hold of ourselves we looked at each other. Until I broke the silence.

" I'm sorry May for leaving. I want to come back. It's just so hard. But I'll try okay... For you I will try. I love you sis." I felt real bad I never thought of the consequences of me blocking people out would do. I never considered May's feelings. And I will do anything to be myself again for her.

" I love you too. I will help you but first I want to see mason I miss the little guy. I know someone who misses you too!" she said as a smile began to grow on her face. Oh no! 



" No may!" I pretty much yelled.

"Oh come on Lia he misses you. I can tell by the Way he looks at you in the hallways when you past by. Whether you want to believe it or not you miss him too!" I groaned.

"Don't groan at me. Besides you owe me I missed out on three years!" she said using those puppy dog eyes that I always get sucked in to.

" He tortures me May! Ever since we were younger. He cut off one of my pig tails. Kindergarten was horrible for me, because his scissors "slipped". How scissors even accidentally slip on someone's pig tale? I will never understand." I looked in her big blue eyes as her bottom lip started doing the quivering thing and gave in.

"Fine!" I said as I pouted.

" Good so we're on the same page. Your coming to my house after school to see my big bro that we all know you love." I glared at her.

"I do not! Any who... I cannot I have to pick up mase after school. Sorry maybe another time I'll come to visit the demon." I smiled happy I'm getting away.

" Okay. We'll drive you mason's school so that you can pick him up. Then will go to mines. I miss him anyway, this way we are killing two birds with one stone! Yay I can't wait!" , dang I spoke to soon...

" Yay...", I said less enthusiastically. I really can't stand her older brother Tristian. He just knows how to churn my gears gahh!  

May and I missed our whole second period and it was time for lunch. When the first bell rang for lunch we got up. I put my notebook and pen back into locker. Then I turned to May.

" Will you please eat lunch with me Lia-Anne?", May begged use her nickname for me. God I haven't heard that in years. It brong a smile to my face. I nodded and ignored all the looks we were getting from the other students. When we made it to the front doors of the cafeteria, I took in a deep breath. She pull open the door and we walked in together with our arms hooked. It was like everything and everybody froze at the sight of us. It was hilarious if you ask me. We walked to the lunch line and got our food. May looked at me with begging eyes as turn towards her table of the populars. I can't do this. These are the people blocked out. I can't just go over there and sit down like nothing. Girr-. 

I was cut out my thinking moment. When May grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the table.

" Wait no! May I can't just go over there they all hate me. This is going to be a disaster! Don't make me", and the I was cut off again when may came into a sudden stop and turn her head to me.

" First of all they don't hate you. It's the freaking opposite. Everyone misses you Callia. It may have seem like they were just being monsters, but honestly everyone was frustrated. We were all trying to get a replie out of you. Hoping maybe you would say something. Yes I admit we went the wrong way about it, but it was our last option. And I guess when everyone saw us making fun of you it just caught on. So. Yes. You. Are. Doing. This.", she said annunciating the last words so that it would be set in stone that I'm sitting at their table.  

Then she Pulled me the rest of the way .The table became really silent before someone spoke.


Okay so this was a short chapter,obviously. But you learn some things about may didn't you? So what do you think of her now?! Plz leave comments so I know;)  

P.s if you like this book and think others might like it too could you please tell them about it!!! I need more reads so that I can post more. Oh and please follow also you guys. And always tell what you think about the book. Also tell me if your confused about something I say, not going to lie I can. Get a bit random sometimes.;) think you my beautiful people. Have a beautiful day!

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