May Angels Lead You In...

Callia Rain has a pretty tough life. After her mother dies from a tragic car accident Her father Begans to beat her. Her father blames her mothers death on Callia and her little brother Mason. She then Begans to isolate her self from her friends so that no one will notice her pain. But can she hide forever? The people who she once called Her friends are now her bullies... And Tristian ? Well he's just Tristian... Guess you gotta read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Hi I'm knijee( nai- gee) I'm not necessarily new to Movellas I've been reading on here for like 1 year now but i just never put one of my stories on here so I'm giving it a shot. plz read! my friend says its a good book so far and I don't think she'd lie so listen to the Zoë! Also if you like the book and want me to continue to write please leave comments so I know. Well I think that's enough I shall let you read now! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

I've always pretty much had a hard life. Going home to be abused by my father. Trying to raise my little brother, Mason, to be a better person. To not be afraid. Which is why I always take his beatings. Just because I've had a hard time in life, doesn't mean that I'm going to make Masons any harder that what it is. It's already sad that he has to see his father coming home so drunk he can barely walk to the sofa. It's sad that he has to watch his father beat his sister and wonder why. It's sad that he has to be threaten by him for no reason at all. I can put up with all that he can't... I can live with a little more pain.

My mother died in a car accident when I was fourteen by a drunk driver. Mason was only two at the time do he really doesn't remember her. I kept picture of her and some of her belongings. My father doesn't know about it. If he did I would most likely be beaten so bad I wouldn't be able to walk. When my mother past my Dad took it bad. He couldn't even look at her pictures. He got rid of everything that was even associated to her. He said she purposely killed herself in that car accident to get away from him. Which is why he beats us. Yes, he has gotten to Mason a couple of times before I could stop it. You would think Mom getting in a car by a drunk driver would make him want to stay away from alcohol. It did the exact opposite. Once he started drinking is when the beatings started. He didn't start hitting Mason until he was three and that was the day I decided I would protect Mason.  

" Callia Bryanne ..." , the yelled not bothering look up. I sighed I don't like when people say my first name with my middle name. I mean why even waist time, but I sucked it up not wanting to get in trouble the first day of senior year.

"Here.", I said silently as I took a seat in the back. I try to go unnoticed not like its hard. It's not like anyone tries to talk me anyway. After my mother died I kept away from my friends and everyone else. Just didn't feel like being bothered. I already was going through to much I didn't need any drama. My friends tried to talk to me, but eventually got tired of me just ignoring them. So they gave up and moved on. I found it an easier way so people couldn't figure out what was going on at home. My first period was English with Mr. Muncie. He a pretty chill person I guess. I had him last year and I learned a lot. As Mr. Muncie stood up from the chair he look around the room and began to speak.

"Hello class. As some of you may know from last year I'm Mr. Muncie. And I'll be teaching dual-credit English. I would like to way I'm mighty handsome as well-" everyone laughed at that. Not that he wasn't I mean he isn't ugly, but... Ugh... You know what mean. He's old... Well not old maybe around mid thirties. His hairline receding. He is not that tall. Around 5'8. Brown skin and brown eyes. "- anyway enough about myself. Why stop talking about someone as interesting as me? You may ask. Well because I would like to know about each and everyone of you. So let's get this party started! Lets started from the front and we will make are way back. Okay so you go first tell me about yourself." he said pointing to the girl in the front row. " Hi, Rachel-" , I blocked out everything else as I looked out the window staring up at the clouds trying to make out what each one looked like. After awhile I was broken out of my trance when I heard my last name being called.  

" Miss. Rain did you hear me?", Mr. Muncie asked me.

" What? Oh yeah." I still sat there trying to think of away to get out of talking about myself. While the all the student was staring at me waiting for me begin I was staring down at my desk fumbling with my fingers.

" Well tell me about yourself.", the teacher said as I started to look up from my desk. 

" Oh yeah -", everyone laughed. Did I forget to tell you that majority of the school think I'm just some weird loner girl. Yeah that makes just more easier for me. Hint the sarcasm. You see after my Mom died people started rumors that I went crazy and that's why I didn't have friends. Jerks I know... That what I don't like about the people at this school. They make people's life miserable at school, not even thinking of what else might be going on in that person's life. Which is why I don't talk to them... I just can't trust them. "Um-" , I started before I got cut off may.

"Well get on with it freak!" May hissed. May was one of the popular people. You know the whole cliche bitch, with blond hair and blue eyes, perfect body to die for? Yep... yay for me right? Actually May and I were best friends since diapers. Well before everything happen. I guess she felt like I ditched her so she became a bitch. She was even the one who started the rumors. Some best friend...

"Okay... about me? Let's see there is this bitch with blond hair and blue eyes in front of me that I feel like bitch slapping right now. But I'm not going to do that right now. Wanna know why?" I asked and continued again before she could say anything. "Well because I'm not stupid enough to stoop down to your slutty level. And that is something you all now know about me! Thank you." I looked around and saw everyone's mouth gaped open at my outburst. Yes, I normally would of just brushed her comment of my shoulder like all the other ones, but I couldn't because she just doesn't know when to stop. And I needed to put her in place. " Any questions?", I asked still looking around the room. I'm surprised Mr. Munice hasn't said anything yet to me about my vulgar language. Must still be in shock. I've never stood up for myself, not because I was afraid to I just didn't feel like it. I can stand up for myself.

"Bitch.", May sneered.

"Excuse me? I didn't hear what you said. May you please repeat that a bit more louder?" I probably looked crazy when I asked because I said it really sweet. Like my whole mood changed.

"I said you're a bitch!" I smiled and soon it turned into a smirk.

"It takes a bitch to know a bitch, and honey, I never said I wasn't." I was still smirking at her when she realized she had nothing else to say.

" Miss. Rain and Miss.beau I will let both off with a warning since It is the first day, but next time this behavior will not be tolerated. Do you understand?", Mr. Muncie questioned. I rolled my eyes and nodded as did May. Just then the bell rang for us to go to our next period. I stood up and got my bag and left the room without another word. Walking to my locker I noticed all eyes on me. Guess in didn't take that long for the news of my outburst to get out. I got to my locker and put all my stuff I had inside and grabbed a notebook and pen. I shoot the locker door and was shocked to see May other side. I blinked at her and waited for her to speak.


Oh who do you think is more bitchy? Callia or may? Don't quite make up your mind on may she has her reasons for being a bitch she's actually one of my favorite characters :) So do you like it so far leave comments. P.s if you like this book and think others might like it too could you please tell them about it!!! I need more reads so that I can post more. Oh and please follow also you guys. And always tell what you think about the book. Also tell me if your confused about something I say, not going to lie I can. Get a bit random sometimes.;) thank you my beautiful people. Have a beautiful day!

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