1D imagines :)

I was told i was good at writing imagines so here you go, if you want a personal one write me a comment saying which one of the lads you want it with or maybe its with all of them (i will also include Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie on request), what your name is and if you want it to be clean or dirty, any extra detail you put in the the comment i will try to put in it too ~sophie x


1. Louis Tomlinson (cute)

you arrived at the hotel and there are a large crowd of girls outside, you walk straight passed them and make your way to the check-in desk, "hello can i help", the lady said "yes i have i booking for Y/L/N", "ahh follow me maam" the lady shows you to an elevator and tells you your floor and room number, she hands you your key card and goes back to her desk, just then the sound of screaming arose, you rush to the nearest window to check out what was going on, you saw a huge black and red bus pull into the hotel carpark, then a bunch or police rush to surround it, "can i help you" you hear a deep voice from behind you, you turn around to see a very big build man in about his forties staring at you "i was... urm.. ur.. just seeing what was going on... why...why...you ask" you questioned, "do you have a room key for this floor" the man spoke harshly, "yes as a matter in fact i do" you say pulling out your card, "oh okay" he said, you made your way to your room and started to unpack.

 You had just finished when the familiar sound of screaming arose again, you made your way out of your room and into the corridor and there in the flesh was Louis Tomlinson, you almost chocked out of shock, unfortunately he heard you, "you okay love", "yes,yes im fine, just a cough" you say, "oh okay" he replied, you couldn't help but notice his blue orbs staring at you in a way that was full of lust, "so what brings you here" you say breaking the tension, "oh the tour" he says back "ahh pretty busy then i'm guessing, wouldn't want to waist your time", "no really it's fine" he gave you a cheeky smile and told you to wait there whilst he spoke to his manager, you couldn't hear what they were saying but you could see Lou smiling like a cheshire cat, "what was that all about" you said as he walked back to you, "it was about this" he says handing you a piece of paper with his number on it, "for me, really", "yeah, i like you", you didn't know how to respond so you fiddled with your hair instead "here let me" he said running his fingers through your hair, you look at the floor scared you had gone red, he pressed his lips to your ear and sang sweetly "but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell" you feel a smile creep on your face as he continues "you don't know, oh,oh you don't know your beautiful", you look into his eyes and meet his gaze "whats your name georgeous", "it's Y/N", "beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said, you felt yourself blush, you hide your face "don't hide i love it when girls blush", that makes you blush even more, "how about a drink later" he spoke softly, "sure, i'm not planning on doing anything later", "awesome" he said smiling "meet me at the bar by eight", "okay" you said before he kissed your cheek and left.

It was now ten to eight so you decided to walk down to the bar, you saw Louis sat down with two drinks 'aww' you thought to youself,  "hello again" he said, "hey" you replied, "i got you a drink i hope its alright", "yeah its fine, thanks", "good" he said before sipping his beer, "you single" he said after a while, "urm yes, last time i checked i never get much interest in boys", "you joking" he said practically laughing, "they must be blind", you smile and gaze out of the window, when you turn your head back to face Louis his lips crashed onto yours, minutes later he pulled away and all he could say was "Y/N be my girlfriend", "okay" you giggle "as long as you promise to tell the fans and make sure there okay with it", "oh ill tell them" he says grabbing your hand and leading you out onto the balcony "I'M IN LOVE WITH Y/N AND ALL HER LITTLE THINGS" he shouts at the top of his voice, you just look at him laughing "i love you" he said, "i love you too" you said, you too then shared a kiss before returning to the bar hand in hand. ~sophie x

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