On top of the world

Never like anything before, anything you have seen in your life...

This is a story about a strange girl with an opinion. She is different to the rest of us. She has been given a gift and it is her job to find out how she can use it.

Mountains are her core beliefs. This is what she thinks about them. They're beautiful, they're incomprehensible. They're the world, they're the people and nature within, they're a tiny speck yet so powerful that it is easy for them to surge through the stars and galaxies that make up everything. Unless there is a danger... What is happening to her and why, something strange is occurring in the world and it is her job to stop it, but how?


1. my world


Climb and you will see. Climb until you are ready to climb, and you will seek the juice of life. You will see something so amazing and startling that you reach out to touch but cannot. If you climb far enough you will have the sweetest of nectars, the imprint of a memory. A view of the whole world at your fingertips is the fruit of fruits.



chapter 2


I was lying, face towards the sky, into the sun. The sweet grass was under my whole body and the calls of nature were ringing in my ears. I was warm and content out in the rain so had no intention of leaving. It felt like the whole ground was letting me relax into it's arms, just like the soft sand was when I was little.


It is different now, though. My ears are more mature so can listen much more closely with the senses right up close. This is the thing I do best, listen. Although my teachers might have something to say about that!


Now, it is Monday. I didn't want to leave my special place, but I had to! Why, I wonder, was that the case? Anyway, It is noisy in the classroom with the usual scraping of chairs, shouting about the latest gossip on football (and the like), pencil scratching, rocking, laughing, shushing. I don't like the school room; even though my teachers say it is rude to say so. I don't trust them; I trust nature, it makes me feel safe. I am not a clever person but I really like biology and people say I am very good at it as well! This is my world, I hope you like it...




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