Never Forgotten You

Crystal Water's lives with her best friend Jessica Donaldson at Los Angelas, California. She is in love with Justin Bieber. She has a normal typical teenage life but when... she bumps into pop star Justin Bieber her life changes completly. If your 13 and older you can read this story . Hope you like it!


3. The room...

Crystals part.

I took him to my apartment. He went in and smiled " nice place". I siad "thanks, You should get rest come on I will show you the guest room." We past our room and he said" is this your room?" I couldnt lie so I said "yeah" softly. He asked if he could see it. I didnt want him to but oh well. Sure, I replied. He walked in my room and smiled." I know its a mess, sorry." No, no, it's... perfect." He smiled. I was shocked and I blushed. " Thanks." So your a fan too?" He said "Yep" I said.

Justin's part.

When I walked in to Cyrstals room. I smiled. She was a fan. It was weird some how. No wonder she was surprised to see me. I went to my room and lied down. Slowly I went to sleep. When I woke up I saw a girl with green eyes and black hair looking at me. She was smiling. I got up and siad hi. She said hi back. She tried to act normal. I guessed she was Jessica. I went down stairs and saw that breafast was ready I said hi to Crystal. After we sat in the livingroom watching tv.

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