Never Forgotten You

Crystal Water's lives with her best friend Jessica Donaldson at Los Angelas, California. She is in love with Justin Bieber. She has a normal typical teenage life but when... she bumps into pop star Justin Bieber her life changes completly. If your 13 and older you can read this story . Hope you like it!


2. Oh My Gosh...

We got in a cab and headed to the one of the biggest malls in LA. When we got there we went in Victoria Secret first and i picked out some perfume. Jess and I picked out some under garments. After we headed to this store where they have really nice dresses. There was a beutiful dress in front of me.. it was black with straps. It has silver stones on the top. I took the dress and Jess was like " Omg Cry you have got to get this!" I laughed and went to the dressing room. I took of my cloths except my under things. I put on the dress , I looked in the mirror and i was shocked. I actually thought I looked pretty. I was about to take of my dress but some one in a hoodie and sunglasses came in and shut the door. Opps! Forgot to lock the door. The boy turned around and looked at me and I almost flipped out.. Justin Bieber was standing in front of me and I almost took aff my dress. I stammerd, hi. He start talking," Hi my name is Justin Bieber, sorry to barge in like that." he chuckled. I said barely" It's fine" blushing. He looked down at me top to bottom and smiled and said" pretty." Thanks" I said back. He started talking," sorry I know you barely know me but I really need a place to stay for a while or else paparazi and fans will be all over me." I was staring at him. Are you seriouse barely know him? I love him! Justin Bieber was asking me Crystal Water's for a place to stay! "Helloo. Umm.... Whats your name?" He asked. I got back in track and started to talk. " Sorry, my name is Cyrstal Waters, and sure I'll take you to my apartment, but you have to hide some how cause my best friend is in the dressing room a few doors down I have to tell her, we live together." He smiled " sure" I will wait here."





So what do you think? Not the best chapter sorry. I will try to get the third chapter today.

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