Never Forgotten You

Crystal Water's lives with her best friend Jessica Donaldson at Los Angelas, California. She is in love with Justin Bieber. She has a normal typical teenage life but when... she bumps into pop star Justin Bieber her life changes completly. If your 13 and older you can read this story . Hope you like it!


1. My Normal Life.

Crystal's part.

" Crystal!! Hurry Up. It's 2:30! We still got to go shopping!" Jessica yelled. My name is Cyrstal Water's. I'm 17 going on to 18 in 2 months. I live with my best friend, Jessica Donaldson since kindergarden. We live in Los Angeles, California. We are from Toranto, Canada. My parents and Jessica's parents bought this really big apartment for us so it's close to our college. We were almost finished with out last semester in college. We go to America Medical Career College. Both of us wants to be doctors. Anyways Jessica was rushing me because we did'nt go shopping for outr graduation party. I quickly got out of the shower and put some shorts and a Aeropostale shit on. I yelled to Jess " Be right there!" Sometimes Jess was so impatient. I grabbed my phone and purse, and ran downstairs. " Finally1 Your her." Jess said sarcastilly. I rolled my eyes. We headed to the mall.



What will happen next....??

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