you saved me.

17 year old megan is abused and toutured after being an orphan but ive said to much exept MCFLY BABY!!!!! read on!


5. wow-part 3

megs pov


it was around 9ish when dougie saw my cut. it was deep and every time i moved my right arm, it was like my arm was being ripped off. "i think you should go to a doctor!"dougie half said, half shouted. "yeah i think that you're right," i replied.

the drive to the doctors was long and dougie put on the radio just as 'love is easy acoustic'(i dont know how to spell acoustic!!) came on. dougie was singing and when he tried to whistle, we both broke out laughing. my arm moved and i let out a little whimper. "i'll drive faster," he whispered. "thanks," i whispered back. "why are we whispering," i asked, still whispering. "i have no idea," he whispered back. we heard a loud snore and turned to see........

dougies pov


to see danny, quite contently sleeping. we turned to the side of the road and i honked the horn to wake him up. "aaahhhhhhh!" we all broke down laughing a minute later. "dont do that again please!" "well next time dont bloody well sleep in the car!!" dougie shouted. "sorry dougie" danny said with a sad face. "where are we going anyway?" "the doctors," i replied. " dont tell me youve been knocked up by him," danny said, jerking a thumb towards dougie. " NO!!!" me and dougie shouted at the same time.

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