you saved me.

17 year old megan is abused and toutured after being an orphan but ive said to much exept MCFLY BABY!!!!! read on!


6. The doctors

Mega pov

As we arrived at the doctors, I found out that dougie had booked an appointment and had to wait for only 3 minutes. " we are ready for you know ms ........" " Ms Elizabeth." "Ok then walk with me and sit in the chair." "Ok so what seems to be the problem?" "Well, I have cut my self when I fell the other day," I replied. "Really because it looks like that cut has been done with a knife." Oh crap, he's found out. "How did you really do that," he gestured to my cut. I told him everything and he told us to wait   In the waiting room. Michelle keegan walked past and doggie grabbed a pillow and held it to his crotch as she winked at him. "What was that all about?" "She is so hot," dougie said dreamily. I sighed and the doctor gave me some pain killers and instructions. "3 a day, 1 in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night." "Thank you doctor," I replied. We all headed home to find the boys looking worried and relived when we walked through the door. "Where were you, we were all so worried. We told them and especially the part when we scared Danny to wake up. They all broke up laughing.



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