you saved me.

17 year old megan is abused and toutured after being an orphan but ive said to much exept MCFLY BABY!!!!! read on!


1. screams in the night

megans P.O.V---

"aagghhhhhh" i sobbed. my kidnappers/torturers had had their dinner and had come down to work up another appitite.



i was at the orphanage and had been their for 16 years. my mum had been murdered after a footy (football) match. did i mention that my dad was a proffesional footballer or at least he was. he had been murdered after that match as well. i was left at the house and was left on my own for 3 days. the neighbor heard my crys and didnt know that my mum was killed. luckely for me, he was a maneger of an orphanage and i lived their ever since. then 1 night, 6 men broke in and kidnapped me. 1 was 15.

flashback ends!***

"quit it you bitch" yelled mark, the leader. "or ill make you!" i gasped and held my breath.

"good girl," they all said and a newbie was instructed to kick me in the stomach. he grunted as he kicked and i was used to the feeling but still gasped. i couldnt even wipe the tears away as they streamed down my hand were streached as my wrist's were chained to the walls.

"now, we are going to let you off the chains but you wont run away will you now?" said mark. i shook my head slowly. little did they know that i had a plan.

dougies P.O.V--

me and the boys danny, tom and harry had just had dinner and they were all stuffed but i still eat doritos afterwards. we were all talking about how great glasgow was. we had a day at the studio the next day so soon went to bed. danny first cos he said he needed beauty sleep but really didnt. then harry, next tom and lastly me.

megans P.O.V

as the let me off and motioned to a bed. i ran the plan through my head again. mark would start first as always but before any one else could do anything i would high kick and kick them all in the head. i know but i was strong. i broke one of the guys nose before. then i would run up the stairs and out the front door then running away. after mark had r-r-raped me i put my plan into action. i high kicked and knocked every one out. i then kicked the newbie before running out and running aways as fast as i could. my legs wre killing me but not from running. apparently they found something funny in my screams and cut me long and hard every night. i had aproxomitly 199 cuts. that was just on my thigh.i ran into a park and into a bush. to my suprise, when i went in the bush had no leaves or branches but 4 boys looking at me in shock.

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