you saved me.

17 year old megan is abused and toutured after being an orphan but ive said to much exept MCFLY BABY!!!!! read on!


7. Screaming

Megs pov

It was 10ish and we were all having a movie night in the living room. All of a sudden the lights went out. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" We all screamed as I was being dragged away. I could hear dougie screaming no.

dougies pov

"nooooooooooooo!" I screamed as meg was being dragged away. I couldn't tell her but I loved her. I loved her with all my heart and I couldn't bear it if anything happened to her. I cried my eyes out before standing up and following that car in my own car. I followed until I got to a run down house. They hadn't even noticed I was right behind them. I sneaked in when I heard meg scream in pain. I sneaked down the steps until I heard meg scream again. This time more in pain than the last one. They were cutting her other shoulder and arms. I couldn't bear it anymore and walked in punching every one in the nose. I also punched the biggest dude in the stomach and he doubled over. I helped meg down as she was hanging from the walls and carried her bridal style towards the car but not before she passed out. I gently put her down, got in the drivers side and put the pedal to the metal as I speeded towards the nearest hospital. I picked her up before running towards the hospital. I ran into reception while screaming "help me please!" A doctor came with a trolley thing and took her away. I was led to the family waiting area by a nurse and every one gasped when I walked in. They obviously knew me from McFly. A lady came up to me asking for an autograph. I looked up with my red eyes and replied "I'm sorry but I am not in the mood right now, I hope you understand." She nodded and walked away. A nurse came in. "Mr pointer," she asked. "Y-y-yes," I sniffled. "She lost a lot of blood but has survived." " thank you, thank you ssoooo much." "You can see her now." She led me towards megs room and I ran to the seat. The nurse told me that she would wake up soon and that I could stay there for as long as I liked.

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