you saved me.

17 year old megan is abused and toutured after being an orphan but ive said to much exept MCFLY BABY!!!!! read on!


3. hey

hiya this is not an update and sorry if i spell wrong!! i have hurt my wrist!! a description of me and the megan in the story!!




5ft 8''

short brown hair with redness also (dye)

love rock and pop like linkin park and mcfly

have a dog named darcy and cat named stardust

loves thunderstorms and tornados!! they interest me ssoooo much

     megan in the story!!!!!:):):)


5ft 8"

long blond wavy hair

loves rock like linkin park and a day to remember

has no pets and/or family

loves tornados and hates thunder storms


thanks and enjoy the story!!

 oh yeah i almost forgot! see my cover for this book? yeah just look at it and not this typing. if you read this before you look i will curse you!! lol. that will be my cover for all of my books. yeah its a flame heart. i love fire though!!

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