This is us.

No resume will be added since this is a story that I'll make, without having any plans on what there'll happen next.

But I'll give you a start:

Taylor is a twenty years old, young woman living happily with her boyfriend Nathan in the big city New York.

These two lovebirds have been together in already 4 years and both of them are hundred percent sure that they're straight and in love with each other. But can this just be something they've convinced themselves with?



2. The date.


As he stood there, observing my movements and expressions, I folded our new-washed clothes. The nice smell of washed clothes came rushing to my smelling sense as I gave my blue jeans a hard flap to eliminate the wrinkles. Smooth, fold in half, fold the bottom of the jeans, fold leg down past the crotch, fold again and flip over. The daily routine I run at folding jeans. An old but good method from my lovely mother. "Babe, do you wanna go out tonight?" a little smile got placed on my lips. "Like a date?" "Yeah, I mean, it's a while ago we last time went on a date, so." He seemed a bit nervous about asking me out again. But I felt him, we hadn't went on a date in forever. I'd ask him out if I saw the opportunities when they where there but I never did. I've always been that kind of woman who never saw the opportunity at something, I'm always focusing on my work. Now you might think; But what do you then do when you've done the work? I over-work. Yeah, I love working even though it causes stress. "But do you?" Nathan pulled me out of my thoughts. I nodded with a big smile on my lips, "For sure I want to!" "Great! Let me pick you up at," he looked down at his golden Rolex watch. "I'll pick you up at 7 PM, okay?" "What do you mean by picking me up?" I asked, totally lost in confusion. A little cheeky smile started growing on his lips. He turned around, grabbed his black bag and left the house. I ran out to the front door and saw him driving away in our car. In sheer confusion, I ripped the door open and shouted: "Nathan, come back!" but I already knew it was too late. He was out of my sight and it was hundred percent sure, that he couldn't hear me. I sighed deeply, "Damn you, Nathan." I walked into our kitchen, took a look at our oven. The clock was 5 PM. Which meant that I only had 2 hours left to get ready. After sometime of wondering, I chose to take a shower and get myself ready as I knew I was one of those slow-bathers. It went like usual, nothing happened while taking a shower. I did a little extra out of my brown, long hair - I curled it. And took a extra streak of mascara on. I have to say that I actually found myself good looking for once. The clothes matched my makeup, my makeup matched my hair and my hair matched my face. The long shower also changed my view on this date. Actually, I started to get really excited. Nothing must go wrong tonight. I had put myself in a black blazer with a neon pink shirt under and some black trousers. I was so excited, I just couldn't handle it anymore. The clock went by and just passed 7 PM. I took on my Christian Louboutin shoes. No, I wouldn't call Nathan and I poor. We were pretty wealthy, honestly. Not that any of us walked around boasting of us having money because we've a lot of respect for the less wealthy ones - no, I'm not trying to act snobby. The doorbell started to ring and as soon as I heard it, did I open the door. And there he stood, wow. In a white shirt with the sleeves folded up and black trousers. His marked cheekbones looked perfect with his brown, nice hair. The hazel-brown eyes with the twinkle. He looked beautiful, no, he was beautiful. "You look stunning, babe! Are you ready to go?" I was speechless. It was like going back to the teenage-years. The feeling 'Is he really talking to me?' came rushing back and how did I feel lucky to have him. I only nodded as that was the only thing I could do. He shortly laughed which made me smile. He was so perfect in my eyes. He gently took my hand and leaded me to a - surprisingly - limousine. He let my hand go and opened the car door instead. "Take a seat." he said. I got into the car and Nathan closed the door again, without slamming it. He got into the car himself, smiled to me and laughed. 

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