From This Moment On [Sequel to All I've Ever Wanted]

Harry and Samantha have been married for six months. The two are still madly in love and preparing for their first born child that will become their entire world in a few coming months. Since they will soon be having to provide for two plus a baby, they need a bigger place to call home.

Samantha is juggling the life of being a wife, soon-to-be mother and work where she works part time at the local diner in town bringing in some income. Harry is still living his dream playing and performing music alongside the boys he calls his best friends.

Samantha is making most of her time by spending most of it with Harry and with their friends whenever they can. The other couples are still going strong and are beginning families of their own.

Will Samantha be able to handle being a wife and mother while her husband prepares to leave for tour with the band? ;)

A story of love, trust, family, friendship, heartache


2. Surprises & New Beginnings

There was a loud knock on the door that brought me and Harry out of our sleep. Who would be knocking on someone’s door at this time of night? It was almost 12:30 in the morning, from what it said on the clock that was above the mantle.

“Harry?” I lightly push him a bit. His arm was looped around my waist.”Hazza! Wake up, babe,” I say a bit loudly. He shoots up from where he was lying and looks at me, his curls messy and sticking up everywhere.

“Huh? W-what happened, love? Is it time for the baby?” he asks, his voice thick with sleep as he runs a hand over his face.

“I think there’s someone at the door, I heard a knock,” I say softly as I look at him. He rubs his eyes with his hand before he slowly removes his hand from my waist and stands up, stretching his tired limbs.

“You stay here, babe, I’ll go see who’s at the door,” he says and smoothes his shirt out as he goes over to the door. “I’m sure it’s just Nichole or one of the girls,” Harry says as he turns to look at me once he gets to the door. I stand up and slowly waddle my way over to where Harry was. I was curious to see who was at the door.

Harry turns the doorknob and slowly pulls it open. My mouth drops as I look at my mother who stood there. What is she doing here? I think to myself as I look at her, eyes wide.

“M-mom? What are you doing here?!” I ask, looking at her with concern in my eyes.

“Everything’s fine, sweetie,” she says and pulls me and Harry in to a loving group hug. “I wanted to come visit my daughter and son-in-law,” she says as we pull away from the hug. As we pull away from the hug, I can tell something definitely isn’t right, I could see it in her eyes. Harry pushes the door shut after she walks in, her bags tight in her grip.

“Mom, something’s wrong, I can tell. You would’ve called to let us know if you were coming, not just show up like this. Did something happen between you and Dad?” I ask as I look at my mom for a minute and then glance over at Harry.

“I’ll leave you two to talk, babe, I’ll be upstairs,” Harry says and presses a soft kiss to my lips.

“Alright, Haz,” I tell him with a soft smile. He makes his way toward the stairs, which left my mother and I standing in the doorway, with the door wide open.

“Samantha, I don’t know how to put it but I guess I’ll just come out with it…” she says as she picks up her bags while I lead her to the guest room that near the stairs. I carry one of her other bags that wasn’t too heavy as I push the door open and flip the light on. I manage to shut the door with my foot. It clicks in to place.

“What is it?” I ask, worry in my eyes as I turn to face her after I set the bags on the floor next to the bed. I take a seat on the edge of the bed next to my mother.

“Honey, I’m…I’m leaving your father,” she tells me as I could see soft tears beginning to build up in her light blue eyes.

Did she really just say she was leaving my father and possibly divorcing him? I didn’t know if I should believe it or not. I hoped she was wrong – things seemed to have gone fine at the wedding – but I guess since we are here in England and my family is all the way in California, things and people can change. That’s how life can be for everyone, not just my family.

“Wha-you’re kidding me, Mom! What happened?” I ask as I place my hand on my shoulder to comfort my mother who was trying so hard not to let the tears fall. She finally manages to control herself before she opens her mouth to speak again.

“I…I came home from work one evening and caught your father with…with the office assistant from his work, Heather, I think that’s her name. I caught them in mine and your father’s bedroom. Clothes were strewn everywhere. The place was a total pigsty. Beer bottles were everywhere, so they must’ve gotten drunk since I was gone and then you know…” she finishes and buries her face into my shoulder, sobbing.

For the next few minutes, I hold her and get her to calm down with soothing words. I was upset that my father had to do that to my mother. Why would he do that–my father to my caring and loving mother, one of the sweetest women I’ve ever known in my life?! I didn’t know if I could trust him after this. I could feel tears slowly welling up in the corner my eyes as I look at my mother.

“I’m so sorry, Mom. I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust him again, especially around his grand baby in a few short months. You’re welcome to stay here for a while, Harry and I wouldn’t mind,” I tell her in all honesty and rub my hand across my growing belly as I look at my mother. She gives me a small smile and pulls me in another tight embrace, careful of my growing baby bump. I smile widely as I hug her.

“Thank you, Sam,” she says as we pull away from the hug and presses a kiss to my forehead.

“I’ll leave you to settle in, Mom. Let me know if you need anything,” I kiss her cheek before I get up and make my way out of the room and toward the stairs to our room where Harry was waiting for me.

“There’s my beautiful wife! Is everything alright, babe? What happened?” Harry asks as he comes forward and takes me in his arms.

I wrap my arms around him as much as I possibly could due to how big my belly is growing. As he holds me I can’t help but sniffle a bit and bury my face into his neck as I let a sob out of my parted lips. Harry rubs my back with his big hands as they wrap around my body.

I calm down after a few minutes and tell him everything that my mom told me. I soon fall into a deep sleep as Harry holds me tight and close to his body; I was lying with my back against his chest while he had his arms around my waist that were resting on my growing stomach.


Author's Notes:

So, here's the next chapter! Hope you all like it so far! The drama is just beginning. Please comment? Any kind of feedback would be awesome. If you read this, please let me know what you think! (:

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