From This Moment On [Sequel to All I've Ever Wanted]

Harry and Samantha have been married for six months. The two are still madly in love and preparing for their first born child that will become their entire world in a few coming months. Since they will soon be having to provide for two plus a baby, they need a bigger place to call home.

Samantha is juggling the life of being a wife, soon-to-be mother and work where she works part time at the local diner in town bringing in some income. Harry is still living his dream playing and performing music alongside the boys he calls his best friends.

Samantha is making most of her time by spending most of it with Harry and with their friends whenever they can. The other couples are still going strong and are beginning families of their own.

Will Samantha be able to handle being a wife and mother while her husband prepares to leave for tour with the band? ;)

A story of love, trust, family, friendship, heartache


3. Sandwiches & Relaxing

“That bastard did what to her mum?!” Niall questions as the three of us lads minus Liam were seated around the living room in Louis and Nichole’s flat.

Samantha was at work, Nichole was at her job as a front desk clerk at an office down town, Hannah was back at her and Liam’s flat sick while Liam took care of her, and Sierra and Faith were at their job at the local animal shelter. That left the boys and me. We had the day off so we were chilling out while the girls were at work. They would be here after they get off.

I nod my head to Niall in reply. “He cheated on her with his co-worker,” I say and look over at Louis. He was looking down at his phone, probably texting Nichole. I grab my phone and check the time; it was a quarter to five. Sam would be off soon, I recall she told me her shift went until five-thirty since she went in at ten this morning.

“Wow, what a wanker he is. It’s a good thing you or Sam weren’t there when that catastrophe went down.” Niall says as he takes a few chips from the bowl in the center of all of us that was filled to the brim with chips for us that Louis kindly brought to us.

I glance up and open my mouth to speak, “It is, I wouldn’t have wanted him around her if he ended up tossing some garbage across the room at her mum, even Sam if she was there.” I tell the three boys who were seated across from where Louis and I were sitting.

It is always so funny how Louis and I always manage to sit near each other whenever the lads and I go places whenever Sam and I aren’t together. I think this is where Larry Stylinson comes into the picture. The thought of it just made me laugh out loud a bit. I drop my phone in my lap as the guys and I goof off and chat about random things.

Before I know it, my phone is going off. I pick it up to see Samantha’s name across the screen. A cheeky smile comes across my face as I swipe my forefinger across the bottom of the screen and answer the call, putting it up to my ear.

“Hello?” I say in to the speaker as I get up and hold up a finger telling the guys it would be a minute.

“Hi baby. Just got off work, I’m going to check on my mom at our flat and then I’ll be right over,” she says as I lean up against the wall. I hear some shuffling in the background; I knew she must’ve just got in the car.

“Okay, babe, I love you so much, be safe,” I tell her in a firm tone as I stare at the floor, my feet crossed over each other.

Ever since we found out that we’re going to be parents, I’ve become a bit more on edge lately especially if I’m not around Samantha. I can’t help that I worry about her; I mean she is my wife and carrying my child so I am going to worry sometimes. I make my way back in to the room and plop back down on the couch next to Louis.

“Everything alright, mate? You look like something’s bothering you,” Louis asks as he looks at me, his eyes full of concern.

“I’m fine, Lou, just kind of worried about Sam and the baby,” I say as I look back at him and let out a sigh from my lips.

“I’m sure she’s fine, Haz, don’t stress, she’ll be here soon,” he says and grabs hold of my shoulder and lightly shakes it.

For the next few minutes or so, we mess around with each other before I get up and make my way in to the kitchen. I was hungry and wanted something to eat. After I rummage through the cupboards in the pantry, I find some peanut butter and decide to make a sandwich. I set the jar of peanut butter on the counter before I go over and find a package of bread.

It takes me a few minutes but I finally make my sandwich. After I make my sandwich, which was on a paper plate I found in the cupboard, I go over to the fridge and pull out a full bottle of water I found on the top shelf. I hold the bottle of water in my hand as I slam the fridge door shut with my foot and go over so I could grab my sandwich on my plate before I make my way into the living room where everyone else was.

“What were you doing in there, mate?” Louis asks as I set the water bottle down on the coffee table while I hold my sandwich on the paper plate in my lap. I look at him with a look that said “are you seriously asking that?” before I pick up the sandwich and take a bite out of it.

“Making myself a sandwich, what else does it look like, Lou?” I ask my eyebrows furrowed as I look at the brown-haired blue eyed boy who sat beside me, my mouth full of a bite of the sandwich I just made.

Louis doesn’t open his mouth to speak; the only thing I got in response was the slamming of the front door of the flat and the loud voices of the three girls, my wife included in the trio. My head turns toward the doorway as I hear the shuffling of heels against the hardwood floor in the flat. The girls were definitely here, that’s for sure.

“Harry, what did I tell you about talking with your mouth full? It’s not polite, babe,” Samantha scolds me; a small smile graces her lips as she comes into view.

My eyes focus in on the outfit she was wearing, a tight-fitted black shirt, skinny jeans that accentuated her legs and a cardigan atop the shirt she wore. It even showed the right amount of cleavage, not too much and not too little. Her stomach was growing bigger each and every day; it was still a wonder how she managed to get in to the outfit she was wearing.

“Sorry,” I reply and smile as wide as I could due to how big of a bite I took before swallowing it. I reach over and grab the bottle of water before opening it up and bringing it up to my lips, taking a sip.

“Hi baby, how was work today?” I ask as she comes over and greets me with a kiss as she takes a seat on the couch beside me. The three other girls; Nichole, Sierra and Faith all take their spots next to their significant others.

“It was fine, I guess, I’m just tired,” she exclaims as I wrap my arms around her waist as best I could while I plant a soft kiss on her face near her lips.

“How was your mom?” I ask as I look at her, a small smile on my face as I set my plate on the coffee table next to my water bottle.

“She was doing well, she had an interview today at the office where Nichole works, and she said it went really well,” she says with a smile as she rests her head on my shoulder.

For the next half hour or so, we caught up and talked a bit before I check the time on my phone to see it was almost six-thirty. I glance over at Samantha who was beside me, resting her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed. I try to lift up my arm so I could stretch it a bit but it was beginning to cramp up in the position it was in, around her waist.

I lightly shake her with my open hand. She stirs which results in her head falling back against the headrest of the chair and her eyes slowly fluttering open.

“What is it, babe?” she asks looking at me, fear in her eyes as if something was wrong. “What’s wrong?” she asks again.

“Nothing babe, nothing’s wrong, I just think it’s getting a bit late, we should get going, I bet your mum’s waiting for us,” I say as I look at Sam before turning to look at the rest of them.

“She’s fine, babe. I went to check on her, earlier. Do you want to go now?” she asks looking at me with a small smile as she puts both of her hands on her stomach and rubs it.

“I just thought you’d want to since you were asleep, and you look really tired. I want to get you home so you can go take a nap,” I tell her as I rest my hands on top of hers and lace my fingers with hers.

“I’m fine, babe, I want to stay here for a little longer and enjoy the time we have here,” she says a little louder than she intended to and rolled her eyes at my statement.

“You two are adorable,” Sierra coos as she looks over at us from where she was with Niall.

“When are you due, Sam?” Nichole asks looking at Sam, a warm smile on her face. I follow her gaze to the beautiful woman who sat beside me, my wife who looked beautiful as ever, her face glowing from her pregnancy. I can’t help but smile widely as I stare at her, my mouth agape.

“Uh, well, it’s May right now so I think August around the middle of the month, I think,” she replies as I feel some pressure on her stomach, it felt almost like kicking. It wasn’t what I thought it was, was it?

“Babe, what was that?” I ask honestly as I stare at the woman beside me, her blue-gray eyes staring back in to my green ones.

“The baby’s kicking, Haz!” Sam exclaims a wide smile on her lips as she looks at me. I move my hand around a bit on her stomach and that is when I feel it, the baby kicking against my hand.

“Hi baby, it’s your daddy,” I say in a soft tone as I move my hand across her belly, the movement following each time I moved my hand around her growing stomach. Our baby, my baby is in there. The thought made a wide grin come across my face.

“I love you and your mummy very much,” I whisper to her belly and kiss the part of her belly that was exposed from her shirt rising up.

“Mates, come here! The baby is kicking!” I turn to the six of them and wave them over. They all get up and make their way over to where Sam and I were seated. After I removed my hands from her stomach and rested them on her sides, they put their hands on her stomach in hopes it will kick for them.

After a few minutes of talking about Sam and her pregnancy, she speaks up and looks at me.

“What is it, babe?” I ask looking at her as I lace my fingers together with hers.

“Are you going to finish that sandwich?” she points to the sandwich on the paper plate next to the water bottle I got up and made earlier. I forgot about it since she got here, oops.

“Crap, I totally forgot about that. You can have it, babe. I can make another one,” I tell her with a smile as I wrap one of my strong arms around her and hold her against me.

I reach over with my open hand and grab the paper plate that held the sandwich. After she ate the rest of my sandwich, we decided it was time for us to get going. Sam and I tell the rest of them goodbye and that we will see them soon before we walk out. Once we made it down to the lobby, I pull her close to me as we walk over to the Range Rover which was parked right next to Nichole’s car. I guess they must’ve all came over in her car.

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