The broken promise

The story is about a girl called Rea. She has promised herself never to fall inlove after her parents divorce. But then she met Harry Styles-the perfect boy. Is she going to riscs and follows her heart?


4. The new plan

....After their rehearsal.... When they finished rehearsing Harry came to me. "You were here all day? " "What? " "The rehearsal started at 9am and now is 14am" "I have missed the whole school day? " "Amm..Yes.We are rehearsing for a tallent show." "I don't care! I have to go! " "Can I give you my number?" Without waiting an answer he toke a pen and wrote his number on my hand. After that I ran and I got home as soon as possible. I loked myself in my room and started thinking. I've missed the whole school day for a boy? That wasn't me! I don't usually do this things. Now I've lost all my extra credit and I'll lose my scholarship for Prinston. I started thinking what can I do to get my extra credit back. Then Harry's number came in my beain and i figured it out. I will go to the tallent show. I will win it and I will get my credit back.
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