The broken promise

The story is about a girl called Rea. She has promised herself never to fall inlove after her parents divorce. But then she met Harry Styles-the perfect boy. Is she going to riscs and follows her heart?


2. The boy

My name is Rea. It's my senior year and I'moving to a new school. I was nervous and excited in the same time. I was only thinking about my education after my parents divorse and it was the same here. I had a schorship for Prinston and that was the only thing I has ever wanted. The school was big and white. The doors were made by glass and the corridor was full with running children. I was examining my new school when I saw a bow flying with full speed towards my face. It was about to hit me when someone catched it. It was a handsome boy with dark brown curls and incredible green eyes. "Are you okay?" The boy asked me and I felt consern in his voise. "Oh, yes! Thank you!" I answered and smiled "I'm Harry! Harry Styles." He stretched his hand towatds me. His name souned familiar but I didn't knowed why "Rea. It's nice to meet you" I grabbed his hand and shoke it "Dude! Harry! Where have you been? We were searching for you!" A voise came from the end of the corridor "Come on! We have to rehearse!" "Coming!" Harry yelled " I have a rehearsal with my band. See you later!" He said and waved at me And then I figured out why he was so familiar to me. He was from the british boy band 'One direction'
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