The broken promise

The story is about a girl called Rea. She has promised herself never to fall inlove after her parents divorce. But then she met Harry Styles-the perfect boy. Is she going to riscs and follows her heart?


3. One direction

The boy who just save me from a ball in the face, was Harry Styles from One direction! I couldn't believe! Without thinking I followed him and the boys to the require room. I was more excited than I was before. When I was walking a few steps after the boys I started thinking is this really what I need. I was there to graduate. If I became friend with One direction this is going to be impossible. I would stop thinking abouth my lessons and I will lose my head into the music world. Since I was little my parents, mostly my mother, have always told me that I have a gift to sing. The truth is that I can sing too but I prefer studying cuz I'm shy. And now I was following One direction. I didn't get my houps on cuz I didn't want to end up heartbroken. We entered a large room with all kind of music instruments. I sat on a chair a I srarted waiting for them to sing. I noticed that Harry was watchin me and I smiled. They started singing and I was so happy I couldn't think. That was the best moment of my life
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