growing up

millie is pretty, beautiful, amazing, fun and is an awesome friend but sensible girl, when she starts at a new school and the cool boys start fancying her she makes an enemy alice whdo is trying to get mattys attention. However no matter how much allice chats up matty, he will always love millie however millie likes another boy gavin she likes him alot


2. bad news

seriously charlie is hard to get it is so annoying. i may aswell date matty seeing as he wants me. any way back to my point there is a party everyones invite but im not going seriouslyit could be full of drugs! Ellies going but she would she is begging me this minute to go i might go i might not. Charlies going and im scared for him, there family is not the richest but his mum loves him and will give loads of cash for him to spend and thats bad news!

mattys pov

that dreaded sexy bitch wants the nerd wtf and thats why she is trying to stop him. i might make the others do the dead i couldnt hurt her after all that is not attractive!


"watsup matty" jarred replied


"what has she said no again aww didums" 

"shur up you bastard" i said jumping on him hitting him

"guys brak it up" joe said calming the situation

"millie is trying to stop ellie and charlie coming and they are who we get our money from"

"ellie will comeif i come" boasted jarred

"i will sort charlie out if jed sorts out millie" said joe





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