they won't know until we are gone(one direction while famous)

this fanfiction is about jessie and nicole running away from they house with their friend aber when jessie bumps into the one and only louis Tomlinson from one direction. jessie, nicole, aber were big fans off one direction but something happens will jessie fin out something that will shock u to find out what happens when louis remember's something abut jessie have they meet before.? WHO KNOWS READ TO FINE OUT MORE


1. intro

jessie P.O.V 

Nicole and i have been running for awhile now "i think we lost them" i said "but we could never be to sure"

oh sorry u don't know my life story okay so here it is

Hi im Jessie trott my age is 17 turning 18 in a few months my friend Nicole she is blonde with blue eyes and i have brown wavy hair with natural blond strikes i have big brown eyes and i don't always wear make up but if your popular then yes i may wear

 a bit here and there but not a lot i go to a school called mercy college i hate that school.

so im the most popular girl along with my 3 best friends fernanda and abeer and nicole then i have fake friends wanting to be popular with us we all have boyfriend fernanda is dating ajay he is the  3rd most popular boy in the school im  dating a guy named khye Nicole is dating a guy named Ezra and abeer is dating that is how we got popular because of them and cause we are i guess u can say we are good looking type of girls 

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