Strange Dreams

A story Story That I thought might be good as a story


2. Just A dream ...

I Remember Waking up at twilight, Frost creeping slowly through the cold, sharp air. I was in my Garden, the mound of dirt standing three times its height. A boy was on there, I recognized him as my little cousin tom, who was 8. A cold breeze made me shiver as I strolled to meet him. I remember his face, a pale white and full of fear; His school uniform ripped in some places and slightly blackened. He was shivering and I asked "Tom, why are you out here? Why isn't anyone here with you?" He Remained frozen before he whimpered, "D..d..don't g..g..o in, He's There . . ." 

"Who?" A shadow fell onto Toms face, obscuring his whole head 


I remember Laughing at the name, the wind suddenly whipping my hair around me despite the gentle breeze before.

"Brent?!? Who's Brent?" I Gained a seriousness about me and replied "Wheres my family and yours? Its 6pm you should be in bed asleep by now." He replied in a soft whisper,

"I don't know, my Mum, dad and Emma (The Younger Sister Of Tom) haven't come out yet. Neither have Your mum, dad and nan. I'm scared Lucy. . . I'm really scared!" He burst out crying and I bear hugged him

"It'll be alright tom, Look, we'll go inside and watch some TV OK?" He Instantly broke away from me and screamed,

"There's no way your getting me in there! they went in and horrible screams came! it was hours, WHY DIDN'T YOU COME!?!" He cried again, with new grief and I cradled him in my arms. "Lets go inside and relax..." I whispered and we slowly walked towards the house, the patio doors swinging open and the shadows seeming to move within the house. A flicker of movement the house itself broke my trance but it was too late when we stepped inside the house.


The doors slammed shut and all whisperings stopped abruptly and the shadows returned to their rightful places. (our doors are connected to the living rooms, which have a wall missing so we can walk right through) I went to turn on the main lights, and found that they were so dim, it didn't even appear to be lights. Confused, I went to our Pink brighter light by the side, opposite the main lights, and found that it was also very dim. I decided to switch on the TV, because it would provide a light and help calm tom down. I switched it on and found It was also dim, so I turned the brightness settings up and turned the volume up. I could see toms anxiety melting away as he watched Power rangers when suddenly a loud rattling noise from the kitchen (near the living room and second door in the hallway) disturbed us. Toms face turned pale in the white eerie light provided by the TV and said "Hes here, don't move or he'll see us." I blinked and got up to investigate the noise. I thought it was the dishwasher knocking items off, or the metal bowl clattering against the dishwasher. I walked to the hallway and noted it was pitch black, the shadows dancing off the wall with terrifying faces of past nightmares. I went into the kitchen,  barely able to see when I saw the dishwasher and washing machine crunching together silently, and a man dressed in black, Swirling shadows obscuring his face like a mask of fear. I felt sweat pour off my face as he turned to gaze at me, and then suddenly vanish in a wisp of black smoke like a bad dream.


I stumbled back to the living room, where the TV was just showing static and the whole room mimicking a bomb explosion. Tom was shaking on a remains of a cushion, the ripped stuffing akin to that of a wolf ripping its prey. I could see liquid darkness dripping off the walls, claw marks engraved deeply all over the walls, and a sign etched in a crimson liquid on the south facing wall "WE ARE GOING TO FIND YOU . . ." I felt my heart pound as I heard the murmurs turning to shouts, and I felt a sense of impending doom fall upon me. Tom look up at me from his cushion and spoke "We better go, Now . . ." I heard from behind me glass shattering and I instantly grabbed Tom,who was still cowering and gripping the remains of the cushion like a loved teddy, And I sprinted out the house not daring to glance at what might be perusing me and opened the door. As I was running I made the mistake of glancing behind me, and saw the shadow man hovering a few inches off the floor, his face still covered in his 'mask' of darkness and his aura emanating purple ooze which fell to the ground and became shadows that followed him like trained dogs. The horror of seeing that made me run even faster, from my street down to my Nans house up the road. When I got there I slammed the door and let go of Toms hand.I tried to turn on the lights again but it was like my own house; No use, so I ran into the living room  (Same setup as my house) And sat down, completely exhausted. I realized that Tom was no longer with me, and I stumbled into the hallway and screamed "TOM!" I felt tears glazing my eyes. I heard a smash from the kitchen and I froze. I couldn't escape anymore. Suddenly like someone else was controlling me, I glided slowly towards the living room, Until I saw everything. He was there, in the living room, holding Tom's and Emma's Hands. My family was gathered around, their heads slightly cocked to a side and each was bruised and bloodied. Tom and Emma had their eye's closed and shadows dancing around them. I felt the pain and fear of each of them and slowly closed my eyes. . .


After that I woke up in a cold sweat, It was 12:35 and I looked outside. I looked on the mound of dirt and saw footprints. I went to put the landing light on and must have been pressing the wrong light (We have two next to each other) As it wouldn't turn on. So I went downstairs to make myself something and saw shadows moving (It was the trees swaying) I was scared (I was a child Who wouldn't) and ran upstairs into my parents room (they have this black bin bag at the front of their bedroom which is covering a broom or whatever, meant to go into the loft) And I saw it and screamed. I ran to my room and slept under my covers all night. It's funny if I think back on it.

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