Time to shine!

"All my life i've been waiting to be a star, and now is my chance to shine and to live my dream! " Karen spoke nervously. " I'm ready" She said walking into the big room where the world most famous boy band was, waiting to hear her sing. Will this audition change her life?
--All her life she wanted to be a star and soon might be her time to shine. Will One Direction choose her? -- This is the story of Karen and her new life, her dream.

***One Direction*** ( all the boys are in it!) And 5 seconds of summer....
Enjoy! this is my 3 movella :)


3. Will they call me back?

Karen's P.O.V: 

Today was a normal day. Like always, I go for my typical morning routine. I run outside for about 30 minutes and then I prepare myself to go to school. Hair, breakfast, clothing, everything (except make-up). I pulled my hair into a pony tail and put my gym clothes on. Then took my ipod put it on shuffle and started running. 

While running, I thought about my audition last night. It was my 26th audition. Yes I counted  all of them beacuse they are very important for me... Anyhow, It went pretty well and I'm sure they will call me back. They all looked amazed by my talent. Harry the most, I will say... One Direction is a very talented band (not my type) but I'm sure I can improve my talent by doing this opening act for them. Annabelle is right, I really should do this. 

As I was saying, it was my 26th audition I did in my life. Since I'm a little girl, I always wanted to be a star and I did many auditions for many part/jobs. I got chosen many times, but I'm very stricked so they always fired me after a few hours of work. But that didn't stop me from doing what I love. And that is passion!

You probably think I'm a weird person, some even compare me to Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. Crazy thing is they are right. I'm very stricked and everything he is, but I'm not smart like him. 

I got home, streched a bit and then went in the shower. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and applied cream on my face. I took a pair of leggings in my closet and a nice light blue blouse and put them on. I went down to grab breakfast and left for school. 

As I was walking to school, someone called me from behind. I turned around and saw Ryan. Arr! I hate him so much! He was wearing a grey beanie, jeans and a white t-shirt. He looked quite cute, but I still hate him. I continued to walk, not wanting him to punch me in the face or something, but he continued to call me. He ran up to me and now he was by my side. 

" HI! " He said smiling at me.

I didn't respond.

" I said hi! " He said frostrated. 

I don't have to talk to him do I? I guess I should before he punches me. 

" Hello. " I finnaly said.

I started to walk faster. He did the same, following me. 

" So, hum, I... I heard the french teacher placed us together for our next project. You happy? " 

" Hum no! " I replied.

Wow now I hate that teacher for giving me him as a partner. Ryan took my hand and I suddently stopped walking shocked by his action. He saw it because he let go of me.  

"Why?  Why would you not want to be with me? " Ryan asked me.

" Well you're mean to me and I hate you. "

I said again walking away. 

" Well I hate you too! " He said suddently changing attitude and pushing me on the ground. 

He ran off to school and started to scream mean stuff about me. I actually didn't care. I'm used to it. Plus if I get chosen by One Direction, I won't have to be here ever again! 

But I can't help to wonder, why was he so nice to me at first but then changed attitude in a maner of seconds? Anyways, I walked over to my locker and grabbed my stuff for my first class: Gym. I walked over to the girls room and changed into my gym clothes: mini lululemon grey excercice shorts and a pink excecice t-shirt. I also put on my shoes and went in the gym. I Sat on the bench and waited for Annabelle. 

" HI! " She said joining me on the bench. " So!!! How was the audition? " She said all excited.

" It was good I guess. " 

" ... And??? " 

" Well, I don't know, I sang Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey and they loved it. " I replied still mad about what hapened with Ryan before.

" OMG!!!!! YAY!!!! OMG!!! " Did they called you back? " She screamed. 

" No. " 

" Don't worry, they will, they will. " She said reasuring me.


Gym class was awful! Ryan kept throwing basket balls on my face. Now my nose is all red because of him and it hurts... I also have a huge headache. I changed into my previous clothes and went to my locker.  I grabbed my books for Math, my next class and everything I needed for it. 

" Hey Karen! Your nose is so red ewh! " A boy said to me while laughing. I walked pass him and Ryan smiled at me. He was standing beside that rude guy that yelled at me before. All  the guys here are so stupid! 

I went to my second perriode: French.


As I was putting my stuff in my locker, I felt my phone vibrating into my pocket. I took it out and anwsered. 

" Hello? " 

" Yes, is this Karen? " A male voice spoke.

" Yes, this is me. "

OMG ONE DIRECTION!!! They called. Annabelle saw me get all excited so she walked over to me. She placed her ear on  the other side of my phone trying to hear what the guy was saying. I laughed.

" Hi, this is Harry from One Direction. " O.M.G!!!!!  " I just wanted to tell you that we thought you were amazing last night. The boys and I want you to come for the next step of the audition. " 

" Sure I want to go! Thanks for calling me back! " I said.

I knew it! They loved me... I'm so awsome

" Ya... Hum... Tonight is the next audition, will you be there? It's a the same place then last night." 

" Yes I will be there. " I said happy.

Annabelle was screaming and running all over the place. " YAY!!!! " Everyone is looking at her. She looked crazy. Haha.

" Ok, well see you later babe. Oh, and don't forget you will have to sing one of our songs! " He said with his sexy voice.

" Bye Harry... " 

I turned my phone off. 

His voice was soooo sexy. I know I'm not the type of girl that freaks out about a guy.... but Harry has a very sexy voice. 

I don't even know one of their songs... What am I going to do? What am I going to sing? OMG.... I have to go home and get ready. NOW! It can't wait for later!

I grabbed Annabelle and we went to my house. My dream is getting closer to be true. Finally.



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