Time to shine!

"All my life i've been waiting to be a star, and now is my chance to shine and to live my dream! " Karen spoke nervously. " I'm ready" She said walking into the big room where the world most famous boy band was, waiting to hear her sing. Will this audition change her life?
--All her life she wanted to be a star and soon might be her time to shine. Will One Direction choose her? -- This is the story of Karen and her new life, her dream.

***One Direction*** ( all the boys are in it!) And 5 seconds of summer....
Enjoy! this is my 3 movella :)


5. This is wrong

Harry's POV :

When I got there, I stayed in my car. I was parked in front of her house. The fact that I wanted to spy on her made me feel like a complet freak. But I just wanted to see her again.

A light was open in yhe room on top of the garage. Since the neighbord was silent, I could here them talking. There was a boy and a girl. A boy? I thought she didn't have a boyfriend. The fact that there was a boy made me a bit jalous. I laughed at myself, why should I be jalous? I don't even know her...

Anyways, I looked around trying to figure out how I could see her room from closer. Then I thought, what if I climb that tree. I could see from higher and better. I looked around to see if anyone was around. No one. I got out of the car and ran at the tree. I started clibing.

" When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feel right. 'Cause I can't love you more than this. Love you more than this... "

** claping **

" Wow! That was perfect! " A guys' voice said.

" Thanks Ryan. " Said Karen.

I finally got on the branche I wanted. From there, I could see her. I was wrong, there was 2 girls and a boy. Fiouh! Maybe it's the other girl's boyfriends.

The other girl said something and left and went into an other room. Karen and the guy were alone.

" You are going to win this babe! " He said.

What? So he IS Karen's boyfriend... Shit...

He then got up and walked over to her. He grabbed her waist and started to kiss her.

What no!!

I started to loose balance and then, I was on the floor. Shit. I ran to my car and drove away.

In one hour, Karen will audition. As I said, she will win. And I'm going to ask her out.

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