Time to shine!

"All my life i've been waiting to be a star, and now is my chance to shine and to live my dream! " Karen spoke nervously. " I'm ready" She said walking into the big room where the world most famous boy band was, waiting to hear her sing. Will this audition change her life?
--All her life she wanted to be a star and soon might be her time to shine. Will One Direction choose her? -- This is the story of Karen and her new life, her dream.

***One Direction*** ( all the boys are in it!) And 5 seconds of summer....
Enjoy! this is my 3 movella :)


6. The audition that changed my life

Karen's POV:

" What the hell? " I said pushing Ryan away from me.

He seemed mad. Is he going to hit me now?

" You kissed me, so I kissed you back! " He said on the defensive.

I took a step behind surprised by what he had just said. He smiled and crossed his arms proud of what he had said.

" I kissed you?! Never! You kissed me! " I screamed.

Annabelle came rushing out of the bathroom to see why we were screaming.

" What on earth is happening here?! " She screamed.

I turned my head towards my best friend then again towards Ryan.

" Why did you bring him here? I don't even know why he's here. He doesn't even like me! All he does is hit me and be mean to me! " I yelled.

It was Ryan's turn to take a step back. His face was undescribable. He looked almost sad or even hurt.

I looked at him once more and ran in my bathroom slamming the door behind me and locking it. Why did he do that!? Arrr!!? I hate him so very much. I sat in the bath(empty) and crossed my arms.

Then Annabelle came at the door and asked me to come out. I ignored her. I git out and put my ear against the door. And I heard:

" What happened? Why is she acting like that? " Anna asked Ryan.

"I don't know I was talking to her saying nice stuff and she started screaming at me. "

" Ok well maybe you should go. Just for a while and maybe .... "

I couldn't hear the rest...

" Ok well could you give me her cell number?" Ryan asked

" Hum... "

Again I couldn't hear!!!

Then I heard footsteps.nothing. and then footsteps walking away from my room. Annabelle nocked on the door and I opened it.

" He's gone." She said smiling at me. " Now let's get you ready so you can rock this audition! "

I choose to do More Than This because it was the one that ment the most to me and I found that it was a beautiful song. Then after practicing, Annabelle did a few more arrangements on me and we left for the audition.

When I got into the builing, there was 2 other persons. They were all looking at me like I had a dead animal on my head.

" What are you all looking at? " Annabelle screamed.

They all looked away embarassed.

After a few minutes, Annabelle had to leave because her mother had problems with something. So she kissed me on the cheek and told me that everything was going to be OK. Then she left, leaving me alone. I stood there for an other few minutes but then A girl got called for her audition. The girl didn't make it. She threw up in the floor in front of the boys so she got disqualified.

The other one I think seemed to be good (from what I could hear from the room). I took a deap breathe. I knew I was next. And I felt stange... It was the first audition that I really wanted to do well. I wanted to win this and become a star. But it wasn't that easy, the boys had to like me.

" Karen, it's your turn. " A tall guy said.

I got up and fixed my hair. I walked in the room. I walked on the big X in the middle of the room and looked in front of me. One Direction was there, staring at me. I smiled shyly and said "Hi" They all smiled back.

The room was kind of dark. The boys had a table in front of them and a chair to sit on. They were ready to hear me sing. I grabbed a small bench and my guitar.

" So Karen, what are you going to sing? " The blond one asked me.

... Fact, I didn't know their names, but Harry's. Maybe I should learn them... It would be easier.

" I'm going to sing More Than This. I have to say that I just learned it so I hope you'll like it.

As I was about to start, the black haired one spoke:

" You mean, you don't know any of our songs? "

" Well yes, a few of them.I...hum... I "

Then Harry spoke saving me from this embarassing moment : " Ok darling, you may sing now." He said with a smile.

I smiled back and started signing.


When I finished signing the song, I looked at Harry, he was freaking out. He lokked so happy.

They all clapped and I smiled.

" Thank you " I said walking away.

" What babe. "

I turned around. It was Harry. He was running towards me.

" Wait. Hum there is a party with the finalists in a few hours, will you come? " He asked with his sexy special voice.

" Hum... Ya sure. Here? "

" Yes in one hour. I expect you to be here. We will annouce the winner. "He said walked away to join his friends.

I smiled and walked back to my house to change into a cute dress or not. Maybe I'll just call Annabelle and walk back over to the party. Then we'll see.

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