Time to shine!

"All my life i've been waiting to be a star, and now is my chance to shine and to live my dream! " Karen spoke nervously. " I'm ready" She said walking into the big room where the world most famous boy band was, waiting to hear her sing. Will this audition change her life?
--All her life she wanted to be a star and soon might be her time to shine. Will One Direction choose her? -- This is the story of Karen and her new life, her dream.

***One Direction*** ( all the boys are in it!) And 5 seconds of summer....
Enjoy! this is my 3 movella :)


2. The audition rumor

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Karen's P.O.V: 

I woke up this morning at my usual time, 6 am. I got dressed in my jogging clothes, I tied my hair into a pony tail and I went for a 30 minutes run. I always like to run in the morning because of my busy schedule. After I get in the shower and prepare myself for school. I blow dry my hair and I don't apply make up cause I HATE make up! I just do my hair and then I go eat. I eat oatmeal with bananas in it with a small glass of milk. Then I go to school. Just like always, I get to school at 8 am. 10 minutes before class. After school I go home and I do all my homework. Then I go to my singing class 3 times a week. If I don't have a singing class that day I go in my room and sing for at least 2 hours. Then I go to sleep because it's 9 pm. 


I was now at school waiting for Annabelle. Annabelle is my only friend. And I really like her. She's nice to me and respects me. She's my best friend.

Here's Annabelle: She's 17 like me and she's beautiful. Boys like her, but because she's with me, they don't approche her, cause I'm too weird. 

At school, everyone laughs at me. I'm a freak! I get bullied for everything I do. I'm very serious about my grades and I get involved into everything. Like: when my teacher wants to organize something, I volonter to help. The thing is I can't help myself. I'm a nerd and I do everything a nerd does. I guess I have to live with it. But then everyone laughs.

That's me: This is my picture that I use for my auditions. Since my dream is to become a singer, well I did a photoshoot. I wanted to be perfect and to have a better chance then just using a usual picture of me. As you can see, I'm very weird... not on the picture but in real life.

8:10 In math class:

Annabelle and I share every class. So we sit together and talk before the teacher starts class. 

" Hi! " She said to me.

" Hey! " 

She looked at me like she waiting for me to say something. It was freaky...

" What? " I said.

" You didn't here the news? " She screamed " NO! That can't be! " 

I stood there waiting for explainations.

" ONE DIRECTION! " She screamed. 

Everyone in the class turned their face to look at us. Ya I forgot to tell you, One Direction is the most famous boy band ever and EVERYONE loves them even boys! But not me. I prefer my stuff... Anyways, Annabelle loves them and can't stop talking about them. Liam is her favorite one. 

" One Direction what? " I said

" Ok, you know they just released their third album, right? " She asked me.

" Well, yes I guess... and? "

She got up from her chair and sceamed 

" Well there is a rumor that they are doing auditions for their opening act in their new tour! " 

I pulled her back so she can sit back down. It was embarassing her jumping and screaming. She was so happy and she couldn't help but to shake. 

" Do you realize what this means? " She told me.

" What you get to met them? " I said bored.

" NO! " Annabelle said still happy. 

" Then what?" 

She froze surprised by my answer. 

" You get to audition and become a star like you always wanted! " She finally said.

I didn't think about that to think. I really wanted to be famous like I always wanted but not to be with One Direction! I don't really like them... As I was about to say something to Annabelle,             Mr. Bloutch came in the class and told us to take out our books. I looked at Anna and told her we woud talk about this at lunch. The class started and I didn't think about it till the bell rang. 


We all got up and out of the class. I placed my books in my locker and turned around. Ryan. The most popular boy of my scholl was in front of me. Standing there. We smiled and pushed me. I fell on the ground and smashed my head on the floor. All the students where there looking at me, laughing. He walked away and I tryed to keep myself from crying. It was hurting so much. I got up and went to the bathroom. I cryed there for a long time. It was lunch time but I was so ashamed to get out of there. Annabelle was propably looking for me. 

Here's a picture of Ryan: He's a model. He's cute but that's all. All the girls are in love with him. But the truth is, he's a jerk! and I hate him. One time I had to do a school project with him. Total disaster! That is when he started to do mean stuff to me. And since then he did not stop! Arrr...

" Karen? Karen? " a voice said.

It was Annabelle. 

" I'm here... " 

I came out of the toilet cabin tears on my cheeks. She came closer and gave me a big hug. 

" Lets go home. You'll feel better over there. " 

" OK" 

We walked home. When we arrived to my house, we ate lunch with the computor in front of us. Annabelle was determinated to find this audition information. It made me happy of a reason... a good feeling of satisfaction, like something good is going to happen soon. 

" OMG! I found it! " She said " Here, it says: One Direction are making auditions today at 2 pm to 6 pm in London. They are looking for a opening act. You think you can do it? You can sing! You're over 17 years old? Well get over here and audition! " 

" Ok well, I should go now. Should I? 

" Lets go super star! " She screamed " But before, we have something to do, a make over! " 

Harry's P.O.V: (2 hours after)

The boys and I were in this room waiting for the auditions to start. We're looking for this person that has a wonderful voice and that has lots of talent. Last year, 5 seconds of summer were chosen and now... well we will see. 

" Boys get ready! " A voice screamed to us. 

We each sat behide a table. Our body guards were everywhere in case someone goes hysterical. We each had a bottle of water and a pad where we could write stuff on. Mostly girls started to come in the rooms one by one. Some where really weird. A girl came in dressed with One Direction clothes, it was weird. Then she stood there not being able to sing. A other one sang so baddly that Liam had to stop her. After a few one that where not that bad, but they where signing our songs. The boys and I both agrred that we didn't want someone to sing one of our songs. So we kept listening to people, but still nothing...well not very many good ones. The boys and I were starting to get very tired. It was now 5:30. The next girl came in. She didn't smile, didn't look at us. She just came into the room and sat on this chair in front of us. Then she lift her head. Wow she was beautiful! I wasn't the only one to think she was beautiful. The boys and I were all thinking the same thing: Wow! Her dark brown hair, her eyes, her lips, the hole her was perfect. She looked like a model. 

" Hi, my name is Karen and I am going to sing Blue Jeans, by Lana Del Rey. So here I go.

Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
You're so fresh to death & sick as cancer
You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop
But you fit me better than my favourite sweater and I know
That love is mean, and love hurts
But I still remember that day we met in December, oh baby!

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears?
Love you more than those bitches before
Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember
I will love you till the end of time

Big dreams, gangsta
Said you had to leave to start your life over
I was like - no please, stay here, we don't need no money, we could make it all work
But he headed out on Sunday, said he'd come home Monday
I stay up waitin', anticipatin', and pacin' but, he was chasing paper
Caught up in the game - that was the last I heard

I will love you till the end of time I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears?
Love you more than those bitches before
Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember
Oh baby who I will love you till the end of time

You went out every night
And baby that's alright
I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side

'Cause imma ride or die
Whether you fail or fly
Well shit at least you tried
But when you walked out that door a piece of me died
Told you I wanted more, but that's not what I had in mind
Just want it like before
We were dancin' all night
Then they took you away, stole you out of my life
You just need to remember...

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears
Love you more than those bitches before
Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember
I will love you till the end of time "

" WOW! " We all said at the same time, applausing her. " So for how long have you been singing in your life? " Niall asked her.

" Well it's been 4 years now. I guess... I have singing class 3 time a week. But I guess I could say that I've been singing all my life! " She said smiling a bit. 

We all stood there. Looking at her. She was so beautiful!

" Ok well, we will call you if you are chosen, thanks! " Louis said.

" Ok, thank you. " She said while standing up and left after.

Usually girls asks us if they can take a picture with us. She's different. After Karen, I few more contestants came in. There was a few more good one. At the end of the auditions, we went in our hotel room. We talked about the people we liked and they were all girls. Karen, Shelly and Fabiola were the 3 we liked. So we went to bed and diceded that tomorow is going to be the next step of the auditions. The 3 constestants are going to auditions again but the others are going to be there in the same room. 

That night I dreamed about Karen. Thats when I told myself that I had to get her in. I'll do anything! 


Hi there! Thanks for reading! I had this idea for this movella and I couldn't wait to write it! So is Karen going to be chosen? Well you'll find out in the next chapter. :) If you want to read my other movellas: I Almost Do   and   Love in a different way. So please comment and fav this movellas! I won't update till I have at leat 5 favorites! Thanks :)




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