Time to shine!

"All my life i've been waiting to be a star, and now is my chance to shine and to live my dream! " Karen spoke nervously. " I'm ready" She said walking into the big room where the world most famous boy band was, waiting to hear her sing. Will this audition change her life?
--All her life she wanted to be a star and soon might be her time to shine. Will One Direction choose her? -- This is the story of Karen and her new life, her dream.

***One Direction*** ( all the boys are in it!) And 5 seconds of summer....
Enjoy! this is my 3 movella :)


4. Audition preparation

Harry's POV:

" You called her back!!! " They all screamed at the same time, mad.

We had decided to keep 2 contestant for the finals. But the boys chose a boy that was singing rap and a other girl that sang country. The guy was good but the girl, I hated her! She was annoying. That girl was beautiful, but Karen had something even more special. Plus, the girl couldn't stop talking about how wonderful we are and how hot we were. But still, the boys chose her. If she wins, I don't even know if I will be able to be around her. She has this squiky voice and ah... So I decided to steal Karen's folder with all her info and got her number. I called her and said she was in the finals. Tho, I didn't tell the boys I called her back.

Now they know and they can't do anything about it. Karen is coming tonight.

" Harry, please call her back and say that it was a mistake and that she can't come. " Liam spoke.

Crap... I didn't expect he was going to say this.

" No, that would be mean. " Louis added.

" Thanks lad. " I said putting my hand on his shoulder.

" Not cool bro. We agreeded not to call her. " Louis said.

I took a deap breath and walked away. The boys followed me thinking I was going to go see Lou Teasdale and the rest of the team for our prep for tonight.

" Hey Harry, where are you going? We have to get ready for tonight. " Niall asked me from behind.

" I'm going for a walk. Don't worry, I'll be back for tonight. " I said leaving.

I was planing on going to see Karen. I took her folder with me and drove to her house.

Karen's POV: ( before getting her call - second perriode. BTW : She gets the call in resess after second perriode).

French class is the class I dislike the most. In fact it's my second class today... I still have my red nose from first perriode!!!

This teacher keeps putting me in group with Ryan. The thing is, he's nice to me in class when he's not with his friends, but then after class, he bullies me and is being mean to me. It always happens that way. I just can't understand.

I walk into the class room and spot Ryan at the back left of the class, the place where I always sit. It's also the place he sits. Usually, he arrives last in class and always takes the desk beside me. Almost like he had told everyone to not sit beside me. But today, he had arrived earlier. As I was walking to go at my usual spot, I suddently decide to change spot. I took a desk in front of the class, far from him. That way, I won't be with him in team again. I sat and secretly turned around to look at Ryan. He was sitting at his desk, girls all around him flirting with him.

" Please leave me alone. Fuck you all! " He screamed

I again turn around to look at him. All the girls were gone and he was looking at me. It looked like he had knives coming out of his eyes going right at me. I turn around scared and took my stuff out of my bag. A few moment later, the teacher arrived.

" Ryan, you look very mad... Do you want to tell me what is happening? " The teacher said in french.

" I forgot my book and glasses. "

" Oh... Why don't you come in front beside Karen so you can see better. You two can share books for today. Plus you guys are used to work together so it's perfect. You will be working together as well today as a team. " She said smiling.

Seriously!!! S.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan took his things and walked over to me. He carefuly placed his things on my desk and sat on the chair beside me. Then he looked right at ne and murmurred:

" Told ya we would be together all the time. "

Then he smiled at me and turned his head to look at the teacher. Shivers were running up and down my spine. He was creepy...

During the perriode, Ryan kept looking at me and touching my hand. I would take his hand off of mine but he would imidialtly put it right back on. After a few times, I gave up and let him do what ever. The bell was going to ring soon and couldn't wait for that to happen.

When it rang, I got up and took my things. As I was waiting to go out, a hand grabbed mine. I turned to look who it was... Him.

" See you later at your house. " He said in a weird way.

" What? " I said freaked out.

" You'll see babe. "

I let go of his grip and walked away as fast as I could. I wanted to see Annabelle.

Now, going at her house: ( Annabelle and Karen)

" What should I sing? I don't even know one of their songs! How am I going to do it! Usually, I'm allways perfectly ready for my audition and now I'm not. Plus this is like the most important thing that has happened to me. I want this so bad... Not that I like the boys, I don't care, I just want to get popular and live my dream. This is like the perfect way for me to succed and I- "

" OMG!!! Stop talking! I know what to do. Just calm down and- " Anna started.

" Look who is skipping class!? " A mal voice said from behind us.

OMG!! Who is this? We're busted... I turned around and looked at... Ryan.

" Ryan? What are you doind following us? "

" Like I said babe, see you later. "

Annabelle was very surprised. She didn't know Ryan was in all of my classes and was talking to me. She spoke :

" I don't understand, why is Ryan THE most popular boy in school talking to us? "

I stood there bored. Let's just get on with it.

" I didn't tell you? " I started. I looked at Ryan and made a discused face. " Ryan has this game of always following me and talking to me. Oh, and I forgot bullying me to piss me off. "

" What!? " She said stuned.

" Oh, I'm sorry Karen honney, I thought you liked when I did that to you. " He said giving me back my look.

A moment of silence went by.

" Well, we should get going. It was nice talking to you (never haha), but I've got an audition to prepare. Adios! " I said turning my body in the other direction ready to leave.

" Audition? " Ryan asked.

" Yes. Karen has been chosen to be in the final of a contest for the One Direction concert's first act! "

Why would she say that to him! Arrrr... I turn around and looked at Anna. I was angry.

" Anna! " I sais fustrated.

" Can I come to help prepare? " He asked Annabelle

" N- " I started but Anna cut me off.

" Sure! " She said.

Anna is nice to everyone. When I say everyone, it's everyone! I'm telling ya! Plus she's been telling me for a while that she had an eye on Ryan. So she wants to take this opportunity to flirt with him. I know I can't make her change her mind.

" No he is not coming! " I tryed.

" Yes. " She said looking at me. " You'll have someone else to say if what you are doing is good or not. So yes he is coming.

" Fine! " I said.

" Cool. " He said.

We walked over to my house. Anna and Ryan were talking behind me and I was trying to focus.

I unlocked the front door and walked in, the others following me. We then walked in my room and sat on the bed.

" First, we need to doll you up. After, you learn the song. And finally, you sing and win this contest! "

" Ok. " I said. Still mad at Anna.

" Ok, I'll pic clothes for you to wear, you put them on and Ryan will say if it's cute or not. " Annabelle spoke.

" Something sexy. Chose something sexy. " Ryan added.

Annabelle laughed and walked into my big walk-in closet. She disaperred.

" What! No! " I said looking at Ryan.

" Well something better then what you are wearing righ now. " said Ryan.

Why did I agree to this?

" What is wrong with what I'm wearing right now? " I asked putting my hands on my hips.

" We can't see your lovely bum and it's too baggy. We beed to see your curves baby! " He said smaking my bum.

I took I step back. I starred at him and he laughed. I couldn't help but laugh also. When I cought myself laughing I stopped and pushed him on the bed and said :

" Stop it, you!

He laughed again and I did the same.

" Ok, I've got something. Go try it on. " Annabelle said handeling to me some clothe.

I walked in my bathroom and I was still smiling. Why am I feeling like this? I put the clothes on and got out of the bathroom.

" Oh, ya... You're sexy in that. Perfect! " Ryan said cheking me out.

" I agree. On next, the song. " She said looking a bit worried.


Hello guys, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting chapters for this movellas. As you know, I'm working on a few movellas at the sane time( go check the out). I felt like writing for this one so ya again sorry. Hope you enjoyed! Please comment and fav, it makes me happy. love you all.

Ps: sorry for the mistakes, french and ipod to blame!!! Haha

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