the story of Winth

Now this will be the first out of many, so please comment on it, so that i will know if im doing this right or not. this will be the story of WInth Artalan. he is a former rich boy of royalty. now he is a vampire, that can use elemental magic. he lives in the Duel World, but that doesnt really matter at all, because you will not notice that. he's got blue eyes, blond hair and white skin, however even though he is a vampire, he does not have any vampire traits.


1. The meeting of generals

It was a nice morning, when Winth stood up. He looked at the sun and thought about his dead family. He had always wondered who or what killed them. He also wondered why the enemy had spared him. He took on his general-like armor and went out of his tent. The sun blinded him for a second. When he could see again, he stepped back. In front of him stood a black monster. It looked like a mix of a ghost and a shadow-like creature. Its breath could be seen, as if it really wasn’t 40 degrees outside. It gave him a letter and said with a cold, dark voice;” it’s from the master of all, which dwells here”. “Thanks, Darksoul”, said Winth. “No problem, everything for both the master and his great generals. Especially for his little favorite Winth”. “Don’t say that, I am not his favorite”, said Winth. “Hahahaha, yeah right. You know it you are that and only that”, laughed Darksoul and flew away. Winth opened the letter. In the letter stood there: Hello Winth, the vampire and general of squad 5. I invite you to the usual month meeting later today at 5 pm. If you can’t make it then please, send an excuse letter or you will be punished with something worse than death. From your dear master Hyouren, the first dark lord. Winth already knew that he could come, however he didn’t feel coming to the meeting. There was usually bad news to report from at least one of the generals, when Hyouren called the generals to a meeting, when there was bad news, then the general, who said it would be punished with either torture or by getting hit by Hyouren’s special arm. Hyouren had the ability to change his arms in to multiple different looks. The one transformation most people here fear is the Atomic Arm, since this arm changes the atoms in your body and makes your body explode to smithereens by doing so. Winth heard loud noises from the “Torture Arena”. It was called that, because there is nothing here in the camp to use to kill time with, so people in the camp go watch people get tortured. Winth was a general and because of that, he could walk right in and go as close, as he wanted to the victim. There were two people who did the torture; they were named Gloit and Zoit. Nobody knew why. The victim this time was a werewolf, he was here, because of treason. That’s what they call it, when you try to flee from the camp with the intension of staying away. Winth never understood it; he liked this place, since it was like a home to him. “What should we torture him with, so that he says, that he’s guilty”, screamed the goblin Gloit. Everyone screamed different things, so Gloit couldn’t hear, what they said. Then Winth stood right in front of the werewolf. The werewolf looked at Winth and then screamed with his last breath “why is a human here, he is not like us at all”. “I’m a vampire, you idiot. Why did you try to flee?” yelled Winth at the werewolf. “I wasn’t fleeing, and you look not like a vampire. You got no silver hair, red eyes and not even vampire fangs”. “I’m just an unusual vampire”, said Winth and turned around to Gloit and Zoit. “Take a ballista, fill it up with silver arrows and shot them, so that the werewolf doesn’t die”. “Okay right away sir Winth” said Gloit in a surprised voice, but also a scarred voice. Winth had his killer look in his blue as the sky eyes or so they say. Gloit pulled the trigger and 120 deadly silver arrows flew straight at the werewolf and it hit with extreme speed. Winth was always happy, but not right now. He felt pity for the now screaming werewolf. “I’m sorry”, said Winth and a tear started crawling down Winths cheek. “Kill him, Zoit”. “with pleasure, master”, said the giant ogre, as it took a giant hammer twice as big as the werewolf and crushed it, beneath it like if it was just a little bug, that needed to be squashed. Winth left the arena and headed over in the direction of the meeting hall. In the meeting room a few minutes later. The master and almost all ten generals were gathered on time. “Where are the rest”, asked Hyouren, who was already a little angry, because not everyone was there already. “We are 8 generals now, because of an assault at the borders”, said number 2. “An assault at the borders, how many survived, number 2”. “Only me, master Hyouren. We were going to the fifth dark lords army just as you said, we should. Then at the borders we got attacked by two people. They were so strong; they killed all except me, who was lucky to flee in time”. Hyouren got up from his chair and in only a matter of seconds, stood the angry dark lord right next to the general of squad 2. “Can you, please, describe the two attackers, you did get at least a glimpse of them, right” asked Hyouren with the calmest voice, he could manage to use behind all his anger and bloodlust. “Yes, I saw both but I can only fully describe one of them. It was a strange girl, probably at the age of 18. She had black hair, white skin and red eyes. Now here is the weird part. She had two giant long devilish horns. Two angel bright, feather wings. Two devil black, feather wings. She had a shining halo flying over her head”. “Okay, that’s good. You have done well, but this is the end of your duties”, said Hyouren calmly, but everyone knew that he was angry enough to destroy the whole camp. No one did anything as he approached number 2. Hyourens arm started changing form in to some metallic balls. Hyouren put his hand on number 2’s head. Suddenly number 2’s head exploded in to tiny bits. “I don’t like spies”, said Hyouren while holding some weird little bug on his finger. “I wonder who it was, that implanted this bug inside number 2, and well mysteries last forever”. “Okay, remember to never fail a mission, or else that will happen to you”. “Keep up the good work”. “The meeting is over”, said Hyouren, as he vanished into thin air. 

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