Power of friendship

This Story is about 2 girl a boy a pop star a best friend and a relative one... to find out more and be interested in this story than read it!!! ^.^ ^|^


5. What is she doing here?

Jojo's P.O.V

"Hey." I said

"Hi long time no see I was wondering if you still love me?" Jasmine asked

"Of course I do I've never not loved you when I was with her" Jojo said while being interrupted by Jas "Wa-wai-wait what do you mean by her her as in Claira?"

"Yh, at first I started to like her but when I left you alone in class while everyone was at "Who loves Claira" class wasn't so fun it was so squishy and so noisy cos everyone was like I love u Claira , I wanna be your boyfriend" I said

"So get to the point here?" Jas said

"The point is I don't love as in anymore since the 3third week cos everyone was going nuts I have always loved you no matter what..." I said

"Ohh... Jo " Jas replied

"you could've told me that earlier." Claira said while she came in Jasmine's room

"Claira you were sneaking on us?" Jojo said

"Yh, I was obviously cos I noticed it was Jas's house so I decided to go in and btw Jas your mum is very sweet.."

"Whtever just get out of here!" Jas said

"Wait if she came up it there must be a reason why.." I explained

"Yh what is the reason.? C-L-A-I-R-A!" Jas replied

"Since I heard you 2 talking now I realized that Jojo was pretending to love me and but the truth is you love Jas It's okay I'm not mad or upset I was just suprised but it's okay you 2 deserve each other.." Claira said in a soft quite voice which is actully she is pretending actully she was so hurt when she heard that news Jojo just said.. uh-oh what is she gonna do now?

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