Power of friendship

This Story is about 2 girl a boy a pop star a best friend and a relative one... to find out more and be interested in this story than read it!!! ^.^ ^|^


12. Plan 4

Jojo's P.O.V

"Are you kidding me ?!!" I said

"Duh!" Claira answered

"Ahem.. Anyone any respond here to anything I say wait I didn't say anything actully I was about to say is :LET ME GO!!!" Jas said

"Je, Jess you both untie her while I distract Claira " I whispered so softly from 3 cm even can't hear anything

"Okay" They said

But unfortunatlly there was Claira's Super Hairy Body guards now anyone who's reading this Imagine thos two very super icky hairy body guards *iuu* gross

"Hey, Ms. Claira We found these 2 sneakin behind and tryin to free ms.Jasmine" Claira's Body guards said

"Hey let them go!" I said

"Na-ah 'til u dump Her! as in Jasmine!" Claira shouted

"For the last time I'm not dating her we're just friends!!! How many times do I have to tell you this ugghh this so annoying" I said


Jasmine's P.O.V

"Can we just get on with this! this is so boring!" I declared well not really just complain for sure

"Shut up!!" Claira responded

"This is making me sick okay?!!" I said

"Oh how many time do I have to tell you that *BE QUIET!!!*" Claira said

"See even you don't get what I mean" Jojo said

"Hey who am I talking to again..." Claira said "no serious here"

"I don't know don't ask me." I said

"Yeah about that run for it!!!" Jojo said

everyone was free than Claira was shouting "Come back- hey I'm not finished with you!"

Everyone ran well except well you get what I mean

The next day

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