Power of friendship

This Story is about 2 girl a boy a pop star a best friend and a relative one... to find out more and be interested in this story than read it!!! ^.^ ^|^


10. Plan 2

Jasmine's P.O.V

Meanwhile being tide up and ducked taped well with kinda a metal or whtever

"Hey where am I?!!!" I shouted

"You're in Claira's secret lair!" Roy said (one of Claira's bodyguards)

"You not supposed to say that Roy!" Boiy said (the other bodyguards)

"Hey are you kiding me you both are gonna fight in front of me tide up like this!!" I shouted " LET ME GO!!!"

"No, can do miss our boss asked us to keep you here 'til she comes." Roy said

"That's it I'm getting myself heck outta here!" I said

While untieng myself heck outta here

"Oh no miss Jasmine is getting away!" Boiy shouted

"Oh not so fast!" Roy said

While pulling one of my arm up a poke my tummy and fainted and then tied me up above a big bucket of acid!!!





Than Claira came and said good job boys

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