Power of friendship

This Story is about 2 girl a boy a pop star a best friend and a relative one... to find out more and be interested in this story than read it!!! ^.^ ^|^


7. Oh-no!!!

All about Claira's evil plan

Jasmine P.O.V

"OOhhh....." I said

"What is it? Jas?" Jojo asked

"It's Claira I was just I'm uhh umm..." I replied

"What?" Jess asked

"Okay here I'll tell you..."  I said "At first I believe when she said "It's okay I get it you two deserved each other" and I was sure she was lying cos I saw she made some secret hand language but I didn't know what she was tryin to do cos of her long blond hair and then..."

"And then what?" Jess interrupted 

"I haven't finished talking here.." I said

"Oh yeah hehehe sorry go on." Jess replied

"Then I know that she gonna plan something bad but I know that we have to put this plan on video so everyone can see it  and they know what's the real Claira I'll wear a hair-clip that has a hidden camera on it..." I said

"Okay, but how seriously on a hair clip?" Jojo asked

"Hello , girl here can you think I'm a girl no way I use a hat..." I said

"Hehehe , good point." Jojo smiled

"Go on" Jess said

"Okay so after as in if this works everyone will know she mean and horrible and everyone will hate her plus if she really did make a bad plan we can know where as  in if each of us, so me and Jess is gonna wear hair-clips, and you the only boy Jojo is gonna wear a cap for 2 or 3 weeks got it? I explained

"Got it!!!" They replied

"But where are you gonna get those things?" Jojo asked

" Easy, I make it.." I said

"How you make it? you're even only in primary?" Jess said

"Have you ever noticed that I make stuff as in Hi-tech stuff in my room?" I said

"Oh yeah there's an atuomatic curtain and a lamp which goes on when you say on..." They said

"Go on lamp!" I said

*tuucckk* goes on the lamp

"hehehe, kk then there's no prob see ya guys tomorrow!!" They said

"Okay bye-bye!" I replied

than they left while I was working on the tiny camera's with Hi-tech sensor and atcthing it on the hair-clip and cap


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