Power of friendship

This Story is about 2 girl a boy a pop star a best friend and a relative one... to find out more and be interested in this story than read it!!! ^.^ ^|^


6. Hey.!!

Claira's P.O.V

"Ugghh... this is my annoyingest day ever!" I shouted

"Hey, Goby, Jory!! Come here this instance!!!" I shouted in a very angry voice

*Buckkkk- bangg* slams the door btw Gobr and Jory are Claira's hairy body gurads

"Yes.., Bos!" They replied

"You two I'm gonna do anything to get rid of Jasmine!!! You got it!!" I shouted

Meanwhile in Jasmine's house with Jess and Jojo


Jasmine's P.O.V

"But Jas, you can't do that." Jess said

"Yh, you can't that right now espacially after I said that..." Jojo said

"Okay,okay I get it." I said


Jess's P.O.V

"Okay, w-wait..? tell what now?!" I said

"Umm, I'll explained you later okay?" Jas replied

"Okay, then." I replied


meanwhile in Claira's room Oh-no what is she planning????




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