Loving you is like pins and needles

I can't say. All I can say is that there is a girl called angel Lewis and she is a directioner:)


8. Chapter 5

Angels POV 

i turn around to see a mop of curly hair emerald green eyes and dimples. One word. Harry "ugh I don't know haz. The last boyfriend I ever had forced me to...." I start to cry as flashbacks come back to me. 



I was walking down the road and saw an alleyway. A short cut back home. I walked down it and felt someone's presence with me. I turn around to see a dark shadow "hello?" My voice comes out shakily "why hello angel" Jake (ex) says coming towards me "why don't we have some.....fun" Jake says smirking and taking my waist forcefully "Jake I'm too young let me go please" I say trying to he out of his grip "sorry that's not gonna happen sweetie" jake says. 

~a few hours later~

i lay there naked thinking that I just got raped by my boyfriend. 


~end of flashback~

i get out of Harry's grip and got to my room crying. I smash glasses I smash my locket mother gave me I smash every bit of glass in my room and scream "HARRY!?! WHAT DID YOU DO!!" Niall screams coming up the stairs. I look at my bleeding hands and scream some more "WHYY!?!" I scream as I sit down with my legs either side of me "ANGEL OPEN UP!!" Niall screams "it's unlocked" I say crying. Niall comes in "oh angel what did he do?" Niall asks making his way around the glass "nothing Niall. He asked me to be his girlfriend and he gave me a bad BAD memory!" I say taking a vase and smashing it on the floor imagining it was jake "Angel Angel stop!" Niall screams as I have put millions of pieces of glass inside my hands. Niall drags me to the living room where everyone is "hey nialle- HOLY SHIT!" Louis screams. I start to cry again "doesn't that hurt?" Zayn asks "n-no" I says crying even more "why are you crying then "STOP ASKIG ME QUESTIONS ABOUT MY PAST!?!" I scream and sit on the floor as Niall and Louis start to pull the glass out "oh angel" Niall says hugging me as he finishes pulling out the glass and wrapping my hands up "care to tell me what your memory was?" Niall asks. I start to cry again "we'll I had a b-boyfriend that wanted to have s-sex with me but I said no so he decides to r-rape me. And I'm scared Harry's gonna do it" I say crying "angel I would never do that!" Harry says hugging me "I-if you do I will break your arm and send you to prison!" I says hugging back "so your saying yes to my question?" Harry asks. I stay quiet smiling "aww she's smiling harry" Niall says "shut it" I say digging my face into Harry's chest earning a lot of 'aww's from everyone "come on" I say standing up and heading out the door "where are you going?" Niall asks "where are WE going? To the prison to see my rapist ex" I say smirking "yes I get to see the liar of a dickhead he is!" Harry says following me with Niall and Louis and Eleanor behind him.

We get to the prison and ask to see jakeCross-ropes. We walk down the isles and finally reach his cell "hello Jake" I say seeing the red headed boy that I swore never to see in my life "a-angel?" He says innocently "yes Jake. Harry here wanted to see you...your dumb-minded self!" I say "call me that again I will punch you" he said "ahh I'm soo scared" I say starting to laugh. I feel Jake punch me nut I punch him back in the face "ha you weren't like that when I raped you!" Jake says holding his broken nose "of course not I was fucking 14" I say stepping back "lets go" I say walking out of the prison "you were 14?" Niall asks "yes yes I was"

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