Loving you is like pins and needles

I can't say. All I can say is that there is a girl called angel Lewis and she is a directioner:)


5. Chapter 4

~2 months later~


angels POV 

"WHO ATE MY SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE!?!" Niall yells. I quickly scuff the rest down and put the now in the sink while wiping my mouth to show no evidence "ANGEL!" Niall yells "yeah I'm watching tv so leave me alone!" I say giggling a bit not realizing harry was there "Niall angel took it!" Harry says "shit" I curse under my breath "ANGEL YOUR GONNA PAY!!! BIG TIME!?!" Niall yells. I stand but get tackled to the floor "where is it angel?" Niall asks "well it's in my stomach now, but ill make you a BIG breakfast Feist for you and the boys this-morning!" I say "YAY!?!?!" Niall an the rest of the boys yell "but I can't if your on top of me Niall" I say. He hops of but gets tackled to the ground by me "that's not fair!" Niall says "uh yeah it is I took your 'breakfast' and ate it, you tackled me, ill tackle you" I say getting of off Niall and wen into the kitchen to make breakfast. I turn the music on and c'mon c'mon comes on. I sing along to it while dancing a little and cooking pancakes, bagels, bacon and eggs, hashbrowns and toast. The song finished and I heard a round of applause behind me. I freeze and turn around "why are you clapping?" I ask "you sing awesomely angel" Niall says "stop being stupid I can't sing" I say turning back to cooking "boys can I have a minute with angel please" I hear one of them say. The boys leave but I keep cooking. I feel a air of strong arms snake aaround waist "angel Leigh horan! I have lived you since the day I layed eyes on you, will you be my girlfriend?" The unknown boy says I turn around too see..........


sorry it's short I need to go to school argh!:(

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