Loving you is like pins and needles

I can't say. All I can say is that there is a girl called angel Lewis and she is a directioner:)


4. Chapter 3

Angels pov 

when Niall said nandos I literally said yes and jumped out of bed but falling into Harry's arms "sorry" I say as harry puts me on the hospital bed "stupid leg" I say poking where I cut my thigh "ow" I say "can I take a look?" Niall asks. My eyes widen and I yell "NO!! NO YOU CAN'T!?!" "Why?" He asked "umm el can I talk to you alone please?" I ask "ugh yeah sure!" She says . The boys leave and el stays "um el, I-I c-" I started to cry "you what angel?" She asks sitting on the bed "I CUT!?!" I yell loud enough for the boys to hear "w-what?" She ask "look:(" I say frowning and lifting up the dress to show her my cut. It was worser it was puffy and yellow around it "gross that's just wrong" I say "you should get that checked out!" She says calling the boys in "we heard everything" Liam says "can I see it angel?" Niall asks "umm it's disgusting you wouldn't want to-" I was cut off "SHOW US?!!" Niall says "okay okay geez" I say pulling the hospital gown up showing them "holy shit angel, ill get a nurse!" Liam says "oh dad while your at it can ya get me a water and some nandos!" I say making everyone laugh "yes, your majesty" Liam says "thank you my loyal subject" I say playing along "you are truly like Louis!" Niall says "hey I'm like all of you combined!" I say "oh yeah show me how ya flirt!" Harry says "okay if you insist" I say "come here please" I say patting the spot next to me. I make circles on his chest and whisper cute things in his ear, I can feel a bulge in his pants "haha harry she's better then you I think" Louis says falling to the floor laughing "perv" I say laughing, harry goes red in the face "your welcome lover boy" I say. 




Sorry for the short chapter 

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