Loving you is like pins and needles

I can't say. All I can say is that there is a girl called angel Lewis and she is a directioner:)


3. Chapter 2

Louis POV 

Angel just said that's he twisted the arm of the girl in t.v "pfft yeah right!" Zayn says "ya want me to prove it?" Angel says walking towards the door. We follow her. Someone comes up to her and says "hey homeless!" He taps her on the shoulder and goes for a punch but angel blocks it and throws a punch in his stomach then twists his arm! "AHH PLEASE CALL THE AMBULANCE!?!" He yells angel calls the ambulance and says something to him but I couldn't hear. She walked off and el followed her "WAIT!?! ANGEL WAIT UP!?!" El says. Angel stops and looks at Eleanor as she bends over to catch her breath "why did you leave?" El asks "because.....ugh if I tell you will ya keep it a secret?" She asks. Then there was a honk. It was heading straight to Eleanor "LOOKOUT!?!" Angel says pushing el to the ground and letting the truck hit herself "ANGEL!?! ANGEL STAY AWAKE!?!! STAY AWAKE!!" El says "I hate you! You deserve to die!" The truck driver says hopping out of the car. I walk over to him and say "she just saved someone's life for her own! Why would she need to die?!" I yell pushing the man "NOO OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES!!! DON'T YOU DIE ON ME NOW ANGEL!!" El screams. I run to her and hold her "SHH everything will be okay, HARRY! CALL THE POLICE!!" I yell looking at harry "YES SIR!!" He says taking his phone out and dialing the number "angel:(" el says bawling her eyes out. In a few minutes the ambulance and police were there "sir what happened to her?" An officer said "we'll they were walking and a truck came and she pushed el here to the ground an she risked her life for someone else's" I say holding Eleanor "thank you sir, you are allowed to ride with her if you would like?" The lady says to Eleanor "yes p-please" el says "ill see you there babe" I say kissing her forehead "bye" el says


angels POV 

i saw a bright white light in front if me. I squinted my eyes and saw me, my little brother? My mother and father 'darling, your last name isn't Lewis it's horan, you are Niall horans only sister, find him and ask him if he has a sister, if he says no tell him nevermind but if he reacts differently tell him you are his sister okay?' My father says "yes daddy" I say before leaving whilst crying 'never give up sweetie' father says. I heard voices and I couldn't open my eyes or my mouth "Niall she looks south like you!" Someone says "Louis, she is my sister" I'm guessing Niall said "I found her" he says then I feel someone grabbing my hand "angel Leigh horan, please wake up, I lost you once! I'm not gonna lose you again! I love you!" Niall says. With that he squeezes my hand, I squeeze back "huh guys she squeezed my hand!" He said I tried to speak but it came out as a moan "Angel open your eyes babe" el says. I try but fail "babe try harder! You can do it! Come out of your coma!" She says squeezing my hand "huh" I say and finally open my eyes to light in my eyes "AH" I say covering my eyes from the light "Niall?" I ask "yeah?" He says takin my hand "I saw daddy" I say water filling my eyes "and mother and....you nialler" I say. He startes to cry "I'm sorry I ever left you angel, you are my baby sister! I should of taken care of you better!" He says "Niall! How long have I been in a coma?" I ask "uh 4 months" he says "I haven't had food or water for four months?!?" I say "huh, NANDOS!?!?!" Niall yells

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