Loving you is like pins and needles

I can't say. All I can say is that there is a girl called angel Lewis and she is a directioner:)


2. Chapter 1

Angels POV 

so here I am, running like usual. I'm in Holmes chapel, Cheshire right now. And, the best part is its raining. Ugh. "Ugh excuse me?" I say trying to get past the screaming girls that keep blocking my way of running "PISS OFF HOMELESS!!" I hear a girl say behind me "excuse me?" I ask her but hearing her perfectly "I said 'PISS OFF HOMELESS'" she says pushing me to the ground "would you like it if I broke your arm?" I ask all sassy "pfft you could-AHH AHH" she screams as I twist her arm and break it "yeah I could princess know-it-all" I say walking off weight hands in my pockets of my skinny jeans "OI YOU DICKHEAD YOUBROKE MY GIRLFRIENDS ARM" a guy says tapping me in the shoulder. I turn around to see an angry brown haired guy with baby blue eyes and his hairy legs showing "we'll I'm soo sorry you couldn't go through the same thing" I say looking sad "I'm gonna kill you" he says throwing a punch. I block and punch his stomach, winding him "how?" I ask "you b-bastard" he say trying to breath "WELL YA SHOULDN'T OF PISSED ME OFF!!! SHOULDN'T YOU??!!" I say turning around and getting a lot of names towards me "fat bitch, bastard, loser, show off, homeless and so much more. I start to run and cry. I find a public toilet and go into it "ugh, I hate my life" I say taking a blade out in the stall "umm, hello?" A sweet general voice says "uh hi?" I say "umm may I ask, why do you hate your life?" She asks. I see her feet at the stall door. I come out to see a beautiful, skinny and tall girl "we'll I'm homeless and don't have any parents" i say about to start bawling my eyes out. But the kind lady hugs me "my names Eleanor what's yours?" She asks breaking the hug "uh angel, angel Lewis" I say "well, angel would you like to stay at me and my boyfriends house?" She asked "I don't know you and your already trusting me?" I say "we'll you seem Ike a nice girl" she says "I am but I get pissed off a lot by all the names and stuff" I say "we'll you can stay with us if you want?" She asks "umm..okay" I say. Her eyes light up nd she takes my hand and drags me to her car "buckle up!" She says. I buckle up and we start driving "so where do you live?" I ask her "here" she says pulling up in front of a creamy White House that was massive "wow" I say under my breath "come on!" Eleanor says "I'm coming I'm coming" I say hoping outif the car and walking to her "you look pretty!" She says "not as pretty as you el" I say laughing "you are though and don't let anyone tell you otherwise" she says unlocking the door "Louis I'm home!" She yells, with in seconds a boy with a side over do and red pants with a striped shirt comes down the stairs "EL!!?!" He screams pulling her in a hug "Louis, I've only been gone for a couple of minutes" she says laughing "umm...Louis this is angel, angel thus is Louis my boyfriend" Eleanor says "hi" he says. I don't step into the house because of my filthy clothes "are you gonna come in?" El asks "uh later when I have different clothes" I say "umm would you like a skirt or a dress?" El asks "uh I'm not the girlie types" I say "oh, you could wear some skinny jeans and a tank too of you'd like?" She asks "umm okay but only if your good with it?" I ask "I'm totally fine with it" she says racing to her room "uh so your Eli's friend?" Louis asks "we only met today in a public toilet, I don't know? Yeah I guess:) she's a lovely one" I say smiling "yes she is" he says smiling. Eleanor comes back with a hot pink bra, a thong, white skinny jeans and a blue tank top too "here!" She says "ugh, where am I gonna get dressed?" I ask "in the bathroom! Dummy" she says "uh okay where is it?" I ask "oh yeah, you walk down the hall and take a left two doors down" she says smiling "thanks" I say. I take the directions and start to walk towards the bathroom "finally!" I whisper taking out my blade "I've missed this" I say gliding the blade against my thigh and watching the red liquid run "uh perfect" I say wiping the blood off with toilet paper. I get changed into the right sized clothes el gave me. I walk out to see the back of six heads 2 of which I know. I gasp with fear and try to hide, but el obviously saw me or heard me, because she grabbed my hand and said "come meet the rest of the boys!" She says. I shake my head furiously while she drags me "boys this is-" she gets cut off by dragging me again and me fighting against it "shit, your strong woman!" El says. I laugh and pull back "uh huh, I'm not being introduced to boys, I'd rather fi- uh umm-" I was cut off by el AND Louis pulling me to the living room "no I don't want to meet anyone, ill ill uh ill hurt you Louis!" I say "pfft, not possible sweetheart" he says my anger rises and I stop in my tracks "you think just because I'm a girl I can't hurt you!" I yell I walk out to the living room and turn the news on to a girl with a twisted arm "I did that Louis! I did that! If ya don't believe me ill do it on a random person out there that calls me homeless or parent less or try's to harm me!" I yell "pfft sure ya did!" A guy with a quiff and a blonde streak said "oh ya want me to prove it eh?" I ask "yeah go ahead" he says crossing his arms and leaning back "come with me but stay out of sight!" I say walking out with everyone following "hey homeless!" A guy with orangey browny hair says coming up and trying to punch me, I block it and punch his stomach and twist his arm like I did with the girl "DON'T PISS ME IFF YA HEAR?" I yell "AHHH YES YES CALL AN AMBULANNCE PLEASE?!?" He says I take my phone out and hesitantly call the ambulance "hello Holmes chapel ambulance how may I help you?" The lady asks "hi umm a boy was walking and a gang of men came and twisted his arm all the way around! He is down parky avenue....okay thanks" I say hanging "they will be here soon, don't piss me off next time!" I say walking in the opposite direction to the boys and el crying "fuck my life" I say kicking a rock and hearing honks. I move off the road and watch the car go by "WATCH WHERE YA GOING BITCH!" The driver yelled "whatever" I say not audible for him to hear "ANGEL!!! WAIT UP!!" El says catching her breath in front of me "what?" I ask "why did you leave?" She asked hearing sirens in the background "because......ugh if I tell you will you keep it a secret?" I ask her "yeah of cause!" She says. Just then we hear another honk and a swerve "LOOK OUT EL!!?!" I yell pushing her out of the way letting a truck hit me, I wait for the pain to come. I fall to the ground and see blood everywhere "ANGEL!?! El says "ANGEL!!! Stay awake! Please angel stay awake" el says "I'm sorry" I say not audible for her to hear, I feel my eyelids get heavy and I hear three words I never wanted to hear from a complete stranger "I hate you! You deserve to die!" Then everything went....black. 

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