Nothing Better Than supernatural

Nothing better than when a girl gets caught up in a vampires life, right? A shy quiet emo boy bullied, abused, dead. Don't tell his secret. He might get you next...


1. Prologue

   *crash*  Someone was breaking into the house as she hid in the attic. 9 year old Katie's black hair in a bun, Her blue eyes wide as ever. She herd screams, her mom, dad, and little sister, she hadn't herd her older brother Jason. At the time she didn't understand what was going on. she went into the living room, she saw her dad dead on the floor, her mom on the stairs, and her sister Emilie hanging from the ceiling. She saw Jason and she ran to him. He grabbed her hand and took her outside. They were both crying. They stayed with their uncle Tyler from then on. Never knowing who or what killed their family, but they would find out. and they would get revenge. 


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