Nothing Better Than supernatural

Nothing better than when a girl gets caught up in a vampires life, right? A shy quiet emo boy bullied, abused, dead. Don't tell his secret. He might get you next...


2. New friend

   They're here, the vampires. Katie and Jason's family were killed by evil blood sucking vampires. They hated the vampires. They are going to kill every one of them. Katie had just started 10th grade, Jason had a job. Katie only had one close friend, but that was all she needed. 

   Katie trusted no one. Anyone could be a vampire. She had just gotten to her first day of school, she didn't have any classes with her best friend, Maddie. She sat down in the back and pulled put her headphones and started listening to In The End by Black Veil Brides. Katie was one of those 'scene' kids. Everyone called her goth, when really, she just liked black. 

This is what she wore on the first day of school

   A boy with blonde shaggy hair with a pink stripe in it that barley covered his eye sat next to her. He looked over at her and saw that she was was wearing a Sleeping With Sirens T-shirt. 

   "Nice shirt, I love Sleeping With sirens."

   she looked at him. "thanks"

   They talked the rest of the hour about everything that they had in common. Katie made a new friend, Garret. Katie and Garret talked all of the time. He told her that he was gay, she didn't care. They were best friends. One day Garret wanted Katie to come over and hang out at his house. They walked the 2 blocks after school to Garret's house, it was big with a brown door. They walked in and saw Garret's brother, Damian, Sitting on the couch playing Halo 4. Katie looked at him, His long black hair similar to Garret's, but without the pink stripe, he had blue eyes and a smile that took her breath away. 

   "Damian, this is Katie" 

   He looked up and he went blank. He thought she was beautiful. 

   "H-hi" he said 

   "Hey" she smiled

   Katie was at Garret's house for a while. At about 10:30 she decided to walk home. It was dark outside and the earth was completely silent. She put her headphones in and listened to Woe is Me. Garret lived farther than she thought, she took a wrong turn somewhere and lost herself. She was looking around trying to find a street light when suddenly she herd screams. She looked in the direction of the screams but saw nothing. She ran. After a few minutes of running, she was completely lost she went to call Jason but her phone was dead. She noticed a glowing light and she walked toward it, it was a gas station. She walked inside and asked the woman at the desk if she could use the phone. She called Jason. 


   "Jason they're here"



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