Nothing Better Than supernatural

Nothing better than when a girl gets caught up in a vampires life, right? A shy quiet emo boy bullied, abused, dead. Don't tell his secret. He might get you next...


4. Jordan

   It was a month after, Katie went back to school. Garrett saw katie in science, his eyes lit up, "Katie!!! Where have you been!? never mind that I have something totally awesome to tell you! Hold your breath! Sit down!" "Haha alright aright what is it?" "Ok you know that hottie Jordan? Well we are in love! We walked around the park and has ice cream and laughed and oh it was the best thing that's ever happened to me!" He cheered with excitement. "Well haha I'm glad!" "Damian seems to be asking about you a lot Ms. Katie" Garret said with a smile. "R-realy?" Katie said blushing. "You totally like my brother! I knew it! I smell double date!" "Well I smell a teacher." Katie said as their grumpy science teacher Mrs. Black walked into the classroom. Katie and Garret both sat down and drew their attention to the teacher. 

   Katie had made it through the day without falling asleep, ever scenes the creepy phone call she hasn't gotten much sleep so she was in a rush home so she could lie down and fall asleep. She was walking out of the old brown building when Garrett jumped in front of her, holding hands with a tall boy with black hair and a grey Hollister shirt on.

    By just looking at them she could tell that Garrett and Jordan were indeed, in love. 


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