Nothing Better Than supernatural

Nothing better than when a girl gets caught up in a vampires life, right? A shy quiet emo boy bullied, abused, dead. Don't tell his secret. He might get you next...


3. Blood Suckers

   "The vampires."


   The next day Katie  didn't go to school. Garret called her. 

   "Where are you!? We had a huge test in Earth science today and you have to do it tomorrow at lunch!"

   "I know, I know! calm down I'll make it up"

   "You better Mrs. Bitch will be after you for years if you don't."

   "ok I'll be at school tomorrow."


   It was friday. Finally. Katie had to take a long drive to the small own to Grace Idaho. She hated that town but that's there it all happened. Thats where her parents died. Where the vampires killed her parents. She told Jason that she was just staying the night at Mandy's house, Mandy was a friend that lived three blocks away. She hopped in her car and drove. She got there and saw the old run down barn that has ben there since her great great grandma owned it. She pulled up to a big house that looked about 75 years old. She stepped out of her hair, the wind blew threw her black hair. She walked up the cracked steps and knocked on the old green door. Cindy, an old family friend that also knew how Katie's parents really died.

   "Katie! you've grown so much! How are you?"

   "I'm good. I've come to ask you a few questions about my parents. Did they know about the vampires?" 

   "Yes they did, and they did everything they could to keep you and your siblings away from them. Your ancestors were vampires, the most powerful vampires that have ever existed, but they were not evil. They wanted to kill all of the vampires because of how evil they were, but the other vampires didn't agree so they ganged up on your ancestors with all of the power that they had, they killed them and now they're trying to kill your whole blood line."

   Katie looked over into the kitchen and saw something moving, it was a little girl tied up with her mouth taped shut, blood running down her neck. Cindy was what she hated. An evil blood sucking vampire. 

   "I'm sorry I have to go"

   "Come back soon sweetie"

   She ran to her car and drove as fast as she could. She went home. She couldn't tell Jason about what happened, he was just doing good, he got a job, a girlfriend, his life was great. She was sitting in her room when her phone started ringing. She looked at it too see who it was, she didn't recognize the number. She answered. 


   "Don't run, don't tell anyone or I will find you and kill you."

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