Nothing Better Than supernatural

Nothing better than when a girl gets caught up in a vampires life, right? A shy quiet emo boy bullied, abused, dead. Don't tell his secret. He might get you next...


5. Becoming the enemy

   Katie was walking to the gas station when she herd the sound of running then it sounded like someone hit the ground. she walked to the noises and saw a boy with black hair that covered his eyes

. She walked up and the boys saw me and the tallest one stood up straight and approached her.

   "Hi there sexy." His yellowish eyes looked straight into hers. "Hi. Why don't you guys go and screw something blonde instead of what you're doing now?" He disgusted her. The boys smirked and walked away. "Are you ok?" Katie said as she kneeled by the boy bruised and bleeding laying on the ground. "I-I'll b-be f-fine." He said through his pain. "Come here. Can you walk?" She said helping the boy up. "Yea" he said "Come with me." she said.

   They walked to her house and through the door, no one was home. She told him to sit on the red leather couch, he did and she sat next to him. "Do you want ice or something? Your eye looks pretty bad." she asked. "yea its ok, thank you though." he replied. "I'm Katie." She said "I'm Alex. Thanks for saving me." "no problem" They talked and soon after he went home. 

   The next day she saw the boy and he looked at her but didn't talk to her at all she wondered if he hated her or didn't like her. That night she was walking around the park when she herd running, it was dark and she couldn't see anyone around, no cars drove by. She thought she was alone, but she was wrong. She saw someone, but they disappeared. She suddenly felt someone grab her and push her to the ground. She tried to stand up but she was pushed back down. There was a sharp pain that started at her neck then spread through her whole body, then, everything turned black. 

   She woke up, panicking she stood, she was dizzy so she fell back to the ground. She didn't know what was going on she grabbed her phone and called Jason, the light of the phone showed the ground around her, she looked at it and realized that it was her blood, puddled around her. "Hello." Jason answered. "You need to come get me." Katie said with panic. She sat for what it seemed hours but it was only about 15 minutes until she saw Jason's car. She opened the door and he looked at her. "Get out" He said with fear in his eyes. "What? Why?" She asked. "Get out now" He yelled. She quickly climbed out of the car and he sped away. She went to the nearest gas station and went into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror. Katie panicked starred at herself, this couldn't happen, this was the worst thing that could have ever happened to her, she...was her own worst enemy...she....was a vampire. Katie had become what she hated the most. A blood sucking, lifeless, cold, vampire. 


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